Mouryou no Hako – 02


I have to admit, I am smitten with Mouryou no Hako right now.


So Kanako is injured in a train accident.  She is then brought to the hospital.  A detective named Kiba who happened to ride on the train that figured on the accident, interrogates Yoriko to determine if the incident was a pure accident, a suicide, or murder.  However he can’t get anything substantial from Yoriko because the girl can’t give straight answers and is constantly crying.  Going back outside to the scene of the accident, he feels that Kanako’s face resembles someone else’s face.  Where did he see it before?  Eventually Kiba, Kanako, and another policeman go to the hospital where Kanako is treated for her wounds to check on her status.

The hospital is where the more interesting part begins.  Here 3 people related to Kanako gather:  Masouka-sensei – the arrogant guy whose relationship with Kanako I can’t figure (or isn’t said?  I don’t understand a lot of the conversations), Amemiya – Kanako’s guardian, and Youko – Kanako’s elder sister.  This is where Kiba realizes that Kanako reminded him of Youko, who was formerly an actress.  He actually is a big fan of hers, and carries her picture around in his notebook.  Kiba inquires about Kanako’s circumstances that might be the possible causes of this incident, and the three persons related to Kanako get into a heated discussion.  Mostly it is between Youko and Masouka.  I think Youko is accusing Masouka (and some others) of being delighted(?) if Kanako dies.  Masouka refutes and mentions something about Kanako dying before somebody first.  Kiba notices this and wonders who the other one might be.  Then the doctor informs them that Kanako is still alive, but advises that she be transferred.

Half a month later.  In the outskirts of Tokyo, a mutilation murder case arises.  Toriguchi, a magazine editor, and others are collecting data.  Chuuzenji Akihiko’s, his friend’s younger sister, Atsuko, and Sekiguchi, the one with the glasses and the first one who appears in episode one, are his companions.  In the incident they are investigating, a woman’s legs enclosed in a box made of steel is found in a lake.  However they get lost and come across a place restricted by police.  In that place, detective Kiba and Yuzuki Youko are there.  And a strange box-like structure stands before them.

The mystery begins.  Most of the main characters have been introduced, except for Akihiko Chuuzenji.  I’m actually more interested in seeing the next episode now than thinking about this one.  But here are my other musings:

  • There must be something else to Kanako’s family situation.  It can be felt in the conversation between the 3 related people.
  • The police were really rude.  What were they hiding?  I imagine if this was in a Western country the journalists would be flashing their IDs and demanding for information on what the hell is going on.
  • There’s an interesting discussion about demon boxes by Toriguchi et al but I can’t really understand it.  I suppose it takes some knowledge of Japanese culture to be able to appreciate this.
  • I hate how the preview doesn’t have voice-overs.  You’re just left wondering more.

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  1. I didn’t notice that Kiba is a fan of Youko (as an actress). Will rewatch those scenes again. I also think Masaoka is arrogant, I wonder what stake he has on Kanako’s death. And yeah, the preview should have voice-overs at least it gives a better idea of what’s to come. Oh, the suspense!

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