Mouryou no Hako 03


More groups should sub this show.  It’s getting more interesting.


  • Kanako is actually transferred to a research facility, not a hospital!  No wonder it was such a weird building with a box-like shape.  And I actually don’t think I saw any nurse.  Totally drab and scary place.  But the doctors aren’t the type I’d like to be attended by.  So the grey-haired man with Kanako’s sister Yuuko at the end of episode 2 is in charge at the facility.  In a later scene a local tells Kiba that patients going into that facility never come back out.
  • Masouka, the arrogant guy at the hospital where Kanako is first admitted, is actually a lawyer.  He was probably there in case Kanako died, and something had to be arranged about her inheritance?  Her part of her inheritance or will somebody inherit her inheritance?  I don’t know, but her family must be really rich.
  • What is funny is that Youko and Amemiya are jostling over who gets to ride with Kanako on the ambulance.  Amemiya blames himself, saying he should have watched over Kanako more closely.  Youko counters that she is Kanako’s family.  Amemiya wins, just how much influence does this guy as a caretaker wield anyway?
  • Kiba frequently visits Kanako despite her being in Kanagawa–it’s actually out of his jurisdiction.
  • There is a kidnapping threat on Kanako.  This explains the numerous police stationed at the facility.  The only thing I could clearly make out of the letter was that if Kanako’s life was precious (to her family probably), they should prepare money.  Now I wonder what the real motive behind this threat is?  I think this threat is just a hoax.  And Youko probably dropped the letter intentionally?  lol
  • Yoriko’s mom acts more strangely after Yoriko tells her she should die.  Her mom calls her mouryou, goblin (or spirit whatever).  An exorcist is called, and Yoriko gets out of the house.  She thinks everyone has gone crazy.  But I do think she’s included too lol.

Don’t you see?  We’re both crazy!!

  • Outside, the man with the head in the box at the first episode appears behind Yoriko.  He declares:  Observing fools is interesting. By this time everything is shaded in red.  This really added to the spooky effect.  Yoriko concludes that everyone is a fool.  Doesn’t she know about herself too?  Hehehe.
  • Back in the cafe, she surmises that Kanako’s pimple was one of the decays of a heavenly being.  But wouldn’t that negate her as Kanako’s reincarnation?  Or that’s how I understood her musings.
  • Yoriko testifies that a man in black wearing gloves pushed Kanako from the platform.  Yoriko is spinning tales now??!!!  Really, she is the crazy one now.
  • Kanako disappears right after Yoriko et al step outside that ‘tent’ or ‘makeshift room’, whatever that was.  Yoriko thinks Kanako might have gone up to heaven.  As for those strange machines, the only use I could think of for them must be that it kept Kanako alive because her internal organs probably got crushed.

Now you see her, now you don’t

So next episode there will be new characters.  Perhaps we start seeing the victims of the serial murders?  I do hope so, because I don’t think it’s good viewing experience to see more of Yoriko.  At least for me.  (And I also hope to start seeing more subbers for this poorly subbed show.)


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  1. Thanks for that detailed summary, I never picked up that Yoriko actually said that that strange guy pushed Kanako.

    And I think that the subs are currently up to episode two. At least it’s better than One Outs, which hasn’t had any subs whatsoever. 😛

  2. Actually I liked yesy’s collaborative sub on Mouryou, but they’re slow. The other subber is fast but the former’s translations make more sense. Now I shouldn’t be complaining too much though, because indeed there are some terms that could be difficult to translate. Because of this series I have this little urge to study more about Japanese literature and legends.  :)

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