After the storm that was JLPT…


…my room is still a mess.  I haven’t had the chance to do major cleaning because of the various things that come during Christmas season here in the Philippines–the Christmas dinners, going round and round in malls to look for the gift that matches the wishlist, or just plain wandering around to celebrate the new-found freedom after months of agonizing study for JLPT.  So the mock test papers, books, and other stuff are still lying around waiting to be stored somewhere else.

However these past two days I’ve been downed by a cold–so I haven’t done my intended shopping and all I could do was just catch up on the shows that have backlogs.  I’m still behind on Casshern SINS, Mouryou no Hako, and Gundam 00 though.  As if to inflict more self-injury, I decided on starting on To Aru Majutsu no Index.  Every now and then my head aches, but it’s still better than lying in bed all day doing nothing.  The cold is annoying me, but perhaps it’s just my body reminding me to rest after everything that I’ve been doing?  Though when real vacation starts next next week, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to rest, or blog if I get better.

My next post is still a draft–dunno if I  can finish it today.  But before I forget, how was my JLPT test?  Listening exam was where I think I made the most mistakes, especially the part where there are pictures.  I think I did OK with the vocabulary, but the grammar and reading part, I’m not so sure about my answers.  All I made sure was that I finished shading everything before the test ended.  So a lot of my answers were guesses.  It isn’t very comforting, right?  But I’m glad it’s over–I can now watch anime till I drop! lol   🙂

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