Fall 2008 Anime Rankings


I know it’s a really, really late post.  But clearing the post backlog just makes me feel so better.  😀

#15 Kurogane no Linebarrels

I wanted to watch this show because it had mechs but–it also has the most detestable lead I’d seen in a first episode of a mecha show.  Dropped.

#14 Michiko to Hatchin

Gorgeous animation ain’t enough to get this show up.  No matter how maltreated the little heroine here is.  The show gives El Cazador de la Bruja vibes.  I dropped that one after a few eps.  This could be better, but stuff like this doesn’t interest me much.

#13 Ga-rei Zero

The ending to the first episode was awesome, but upon the first few minutes of the second episode I decided that the animation and characters weren’t good enough for me.  I have better shows to watch.

#12 Shikabane Hime Aka

I don’t like the lead guy.  The main girl really wasn’t very interesting at the time I watched.  I’d rather watch Bleach again.

#11 Hyakko

I liked the first episode.  And they were actually playing Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ (Allegro non molto?) while Tatsuki and Ayumi were getting lost in the first part of the show.  But alas, not enough to maintain interest in the show.

#10 To Aru Majutsu no Index

I only got to watch it this month.  I’m not too enthusiastic about the show because I don’t like Index that much.  But I’m still undecided as of this moment whether to continue watching or not.

#9 Gundam 00 S2

Umm, I hate this show, I hate it not. I hate this show, I hate it not…But I’ll probably finish this, via marathon.

#8 Kuroshitsuji

Why is there a dearth of subbers for this show?  I thought this show was funny.  It’s one of those not truly outstanding but still entertaining types of shows.  And I really like the butler.

#7 Casshern SINS

The dark world they live in is indeed intriguing, but repeatedly hearing ‘If I eat Casshern I won’t die/be ruined/etc’, ‘Kill Casshern’ was quite enough to get me bored.  But I’m used to it now, so I’m still watching.  The robots were not exactly the kind of robots I was expecting.  The robots here exhibit human-like qualities that sometimes they feel more human than what other shows try to pass off as human.  😀

#6 Toradora

Now, the surprise of the season for me.  If it hadn’t been for bateszi I’d have missed out on this truly funny piece of work.  And I just like Ryuuji so much.

#5 Kurozuka

It’s starting to make sense now, but I wonder if everything will make sense in the end.  I doubt that though.

#4 Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter

I was a little disappointed because they rushed Chiaki’s first conducting competition.  But in retrospect I think what they did was good because it enables the show to focus on stories that had not been tackled by the live-action Nodame.  The live-action was actually better though.   Paris Chapter is not as good as the first season, but I still enjoy watching it.

#3 Tytania

Tea!  The other anime blogger guys are agog over the manly tea pouring and curtains etc etc, but I’m curious about how this space opera turns out.  Everybody’s serious in a way, but the pompous silliness of it all just makes me want to watch more for the laughs.

#2 Skip Beat!

I’m not too convinced about the path that Kyoko takes in this show but her antics still elicited a few smiles from me.  Enjoyable and just the kind of lite stuff to counter the ‘heavy’ stuff I’m watching this season.

#1 Mouryou no Hako (Box of Goblins)

I read Iwa ni Hana’s post on Mouryou no Hako sometime ago which best conveys what the series is all about.  It’s about kyouki bi (狂気美), which in my understanding translates to a fascination for the macabre/insanity or the beauty of it.  I  am very much behind in the series, as I didn’t want to watch it anymore because of the stress caused by the preparations for JLPT.  But I’d still like to think that it’s the best series to come out of the fall 2008 lineup.


6 responses »

  1. ehh… how come kurozuka r no.5?? i think d title deserve a better one(no, im not referring no. 1) but at least 2 or 3… hmm

    n why skip beat @ no. 2?? im totally lash at that! yeah.. it got nice rethym.. but it got no original at all..

    nywy.. that juz my side of opinion.


  2. Re: Kurozuka

    I’m still not sure how Madhouse will handle the ending. Perhaps having taken a sneak peak at the manga influenced the rankings? Hmm

    Re: Skp Beat:

    It’s actually still quite novel for me. I usually don’t watch stuff like that so maybe that’s why? ^_^;

  3. Toradora and Ga-rei Zero are the only two shows that I eagerly await each week. Obviously, I’m pretty sure where Toradora is going, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Ga-rei.

    Ga-rei seems like it’s going headlong into the monster of the week story arc after the first episode, but it quickly turns into an interpersonal relationships driven plot.

    Although, I’ve changed my mind about how the story originally was started (first episode). I think they should have just forgone that and placed it chronologically, starting with episode two.

  4. I can’t believe there’s no CLANNAD ~After Story~, Chaos;HEAd, and Kannagi on your list xD
    These are great shows!

    The ones I’m watching that’s on your list are ToraDora! and Nodame ~paris~
    I like them as well.

  5. @j. valdez

    I’ve caught glances of something positive happening with Ga-rei Zero for a while now, perhaps sometime in the future I could make some time for it. =)


    I tried to watch the first CLANNAD but didn’t appeal to me then. As for Chaos;Head I shirked at the idea of gore (cowardly right). About Kannagi, I guess there were too many shows I didn’t consider it anymore. One can only watch so much. ^_^;

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