My SaiMono 2 journey ends


These past few weeks, it’s actually the only series whose episodes I’ve been eagerly waiting for.  It’d been an agonizing wait.

The first time I watched season 1, I thought then, this series is something I won’t rewatch in the future.  How wrong I was.  I did end up rewatching the first season.  That’s how charming it is.

It’s not in the mold of Macross where I get all nostalgic and drool over the Valkyries and stuff.  What SaiMono gives me is a certain calming effect that only a slow-paced series can generate.  It’s something not easily explained though.  (And I won’t try to.)

Now back to season 2.  The most interesting development from the series for me is the fact that she now has a rival in Jyuusan-hime.  It’s not a real rivalry in the sense that both are really going after Ryuuki, though.  I’d really be surprised if in the end she doesn’t end up marrying Ryuuki.

There’s also the surprise that Ensei also likes Shuurei.  I never thought he’d held special feelings for her, and now he gets to spend more time with her.  I surely will miss Tan-tan though.

We also see the face of another formidable enemy, Ou Ki.  He is probably the most difficult foe that Shuurei and Ryuuki will face.  But the showdown will have to wait for a season 3.  Until then, I will have to be content with replaying Hajimari no Kaze in my head.  😀


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  1. i’m waiting desperately for saimono 3 too. in the mean time, i stave off my cravings for saimono with fanfictions. try or u can try a another anime or J/K dramas. Try the Vampire Knight series or Korean’s Boys Over Flowers ( They’r great diversions!

  2. Actually I’m OK now. At the time I wrote this post I was really, really desperate for another SaiMono-like series. It got fixed with rewatches of some episodes 😀

  3. I *just* finished watching season 2 the other night. I am really, really hoping that there is a season 3. However I’m told that there’s only a few light novels left, and so we might have to wait a couple of years before another season is ready because only 1 – 2 novels a year are released (including the side stories?).

    It has been a very long time since I was this into an anime. I remember when my friend bought this anime, the first disc of the first season, and then I guess she didn’t like it so she gave it to me. I looked at the back and thought it was interesting, but that I wouldn’t like it. How wrong I was!

  4. Also, I will be so choked if Shuurei and Ryuuki don’t end up together. I know Jyuusan-hime’s role, and if you read the light novel translations online you will know what happens past the end of season 2 of the time (I won’t post and spoil it here)… the only way I’d be ok with Jyuusan-hime being with Ryuuki is if something happened to Shuurei and it wasn’t possible for them to be together, but even then I don’t think it’d sit right with me.

    I did like that Ensei has feelings for her, though I wish Seiran would’ve stepped up and maybe made a move on Shuurei. Seiran x Shuurei is my other favourite pairing next to Shuurei x Ryuuki.

    But as you can see, I have way too much time on my hands. ^^; I think one of the light novels just was released in Nov., but I haven’t read any translations for it yet.

    (Sorry for the 2 posts, I thought there was a text cap during the first one. My bad!)

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