100% CPU Usage


It feels like that every working day.  State of the Proxy, February 2009.

Lately I’ve been very busy with work–one of these days it’s gonna manifest itself in this blog in some form like how the prioritization matrix came up.  But the latter was out of boredom;  this time I’ve before I go to sleep I still think about work and when I wake when it’s a working day I worry if I could make it early to work so that I can, well, work.  Then thoughts of work still linger even hours after I left the office.  It’s not good.

But what is worse, is that now I’ve run out of shows to rewatch.  Imagine, I’ve grown tired of the shows that I rewatched for comfort!!!   I don’t feel like rewatching Honey and Clover, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Macross, Maria-sama ga Miteru, etc etc.  And when I pore over my anime backlog I don’t feel like watching any of them.  What is wrong??!!

The weird thing is that the only anime I’m craving for right now is more of Saiunkoku Monogatari.  I’ve rewatched 75% of season 2, already rewatched season 1 last year.  There’s just something about Shuurei and the  long-haired attractive guys that surround her…

So, where can I find more of that?

P.S.  Confessions of a Shopaholic was very funny.  I’m a very satisfied movie-goer right now.  Watch it if you like comedy!  😀


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