Macross II: What lovers are you talking about?


It fails the checklist.

Characters (All): Uninspired.
Animation:  Average.
Music: Is this really Macross?  The songs are lifeless.
Pop idol:  Totally fails.
Love triangle:  Doesn’t almost even register, there’s no real spark.  What does Lovers Again mean anyway?
Valkyries:  Mmm, I’m not sure what to make of it.  Not flashy.
Ace pilot:  Being female was a plus point.  But the enemy pilots were dumb anyway so pretty meaningless.  Boring.
Lead male:  The writer probably was an aspiring journalist just projecting.  Looked out of place.

So after watching Macross II it felt like an anime about journalism with mecha rather than Macross.  If you want something like that you can always watch FLAG.  Take away the name Macross from the title and it will look like a just another average mecha anime bound for obscurity.  I was having difficulty staying awake and refraining myself hitting the stop button on the zplayer.  I now fully understand why this piece is relegated to a ‘parallel world’.


Hahaha you wanna sleep?

The writer/s were probably trying to exploit the political side of Macross–especially with the New UN Spacy not learning the sins of the past.  They’re as arrogant and overconfident as the old UN Spacy.  This is an interesting angle to work on but in the process it sacrifices some of the basic elements of Macross and essentially it wouldn’t feel like Macross.

Now this is a true idol

The enemy is actually interesting–the Marduk.  The Marduk have these Emulators that enable them to control the minds of the poor Zentraedi under them.  Now this not a bad idea but the problem is, at the end of OAV it felt like SDF Macross again, just with a new set of characters minus the excitement.  Earth faces annihilation again, and the ship of Alus was awfully concocted so that they could use the SDF.  How the Marduk soldiers turned against their Emperor was also laughable.  I mean, before they attacked Earth they were totally loyal to their Emperor.  Then after just a few hours (or minutes?!) they turn against their Emperor and voila!  We get the supposedly happy but boring ending.


Excuse me, how do we act like a love triangle?

So why did I watch this?  Because it was the only Macross-related title that I haven’t watched.  Recommended for the curious, but for those looking for more Macross just rewatch DYRL for the nth time like I do.  🙂


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  1. Hahaha really, I agree with everything you said. A long time ago I watched Macross II and I hated. I think that because of this, I’ve been looking so hard for pictures of this OAV and I have not found one good picture.

    About Macross series I just like Macross (the first) and Macross Frontier. Macross Plus is less bad, buuuut…

    I like Macross 7, because of the songs (I love rock’n roll #~_~#), but the history it’s so so… And Macross Zero I have not watched, but I’m not so eager to do it.

  2. A lot of times Macross 7 just tries your patience but seeing Miriya and Max makes it a little worthwhile. Nostalgia at work?

    Anyway, if you were able to sit through 40-plus episodes of Macross 7 surely Macross Zero should be a piece of cake. And Roy Focker’s in it too!!!! 😀

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