A breakdown in the last 2 minutes


This is what I would describe Toradora if it were a basketball game.  Frankly I’m quite disappointed in episode 24.  I’m not going to write a lengthy post–just trying to express what I feel.

First off, I find Takasu’s proposal of marriage a little irresponsible.  Even if they can get married legally, it felt like they were taking the easy way out.  What, they can’t go on without getting married first?  It seems they were carried away by their emotions.

Second, how can Minorin give away her savings??!!  If Takasu and Taiga can’t support themselves in the first place, why get married at all?  It’s stupid.  It would have made sense if Taiga got pregnant, but that was not the case.  Their reasons for getting married are shallow, in my opinion.

There are other annoying things but the above two are the major ones.  The events in this episode somehow negated whatever awesomeness Toradora had in the earlier episodes.  Maybe I should just pretend episode 24 didn’t exist?


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  1. Wait till you see episode 25.
    I see what you did there JC Staff, you almost scared me for a moment there, had me thinking you were gonna fall at the very last hurdle.

  2. OK I finished it…

    After ep 25 I felt almost nothing. There was no more excitement. Sure there were some funny moments but over-all, not a memorable ending.

    I can’t quite put a finger as to why. It’s not a bad ending. Maybe a rewatch will clear my mind, but as of now I’m confused how to classify Toradora.

    Let me sleep on it…

  3. I didn’t think it that bad. The marriage proposal did seem a little out of place, but I think that was intended. The scene was supposed to be impulsive, and their running away was supposed to be equally impulsive.

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