I now have a new memorable moment from Higashi no Eden, aside from a nekkid Morita.

Cosmo Clock 21Cosmo Clock 21

I don’t remember how Cosmo Clock 21 was depicted from Honey and Clover anymore, but this one sure captures a lot of the beauty of the ferris wheel from Yokohama Cosmoworld at night.  Chika Umino really likes ferris wheels.  I wonder why.  Does anybody know?  :) On a side note, wikipedia states she lives in Adachi.   What??!!  I was there!!  I only realized it now, but perhaps there was the probability that I just passed by her or was sitting beside her in the train?  My imagination runs wild!  😀

At a time like this I wish I could go back to Japan, but not to work.  I just want to travel and be a tourist.  Of course that’s not really gonna happen because I can’t afford it.  But I’m still free to dream.  Anyway, I need a vacation from work.  Overtime sucks time from my anime and blogging.  T_T


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