Looking for my Ristorante Paradiso


Should I say ‘Tadaima’?

For those who have cared to read my whinings here I have been in sort of a ‘crisis’.  Last year it was about self-improvement.  Now it’s worse:  I’m beginning to hate my job.  But where does Ristorante Paradiso fit in?

Lately, while watching episodes of this soothing series, I’ve become envious of the fact that the guys (and gal) at Casetta dell’Orso have this not so stressful working environment.  The lives they live are unhurried, something that contrasts to the deadline-infested place where I work.  I’m not saying they don’t have problems.  I’m just saying that I like the seemingly slower pace of the work.  Their working time starts and ends clearly.  I want the leisure time to do the other things that I like, or want to do.  When I started blogging, anime was the only major thing that interested me.  Three years later, I’ve found other interests (though some are still related to anime).  However, the demands of work and the things I want to do are clashing.  (I know I shouldn’t really be complaining because other people have lost their jobs in this global recession, but still I know the daily stress will have its effects later on.)


I’ve come to the point where I’m seriously considering the alternatives to my line of work.  As I am in the IT industry I know it will always be hectic;  it’s the nature of the industry to be fast-paced.  But Ristorante Paradiso shows me there’s another kind of life.

It’s just unfortunate though that there’s probably nothing like Ristorante Paradiso in the Philippines.


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  1. You shouldn’t say that, there must be some place where you can find peace. There are the resorts, you could always take a break from the IT lifestyle and maybe spend a few days at Plantation Bay, it was a very relaxing place and it made me feel energized when I left. It’s worth a shot right?

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