Something Major has happened


Rants aside, this an anime blog.  So let’s talk about anime!

For the sharp ones out there you probably know what I’m talking about.  After getting smitten by Cross Game, I have managed to avoid reading the manga.  However, one episode per week is just too slow.  It is extremely agonizing having to watch several episodes of just one game.  Maybe I should have been prepared for this by Ookiku Furikabutte; unfortunately I’m still impatient as ever.  A rewatch of OF was not appealing to me, either.

crossgameI just can’t enough, I just can’t get enough

So yeah I started on Major.

Major is a little different from Cross Game because it already involves pro baseball.  There is no cute Wakaba.  The OP and the ED are not as awesome as Cross Game’s.  (FYI:  I’ve also been smitten with Ayaka and I’ve been listening to her songs for weeks now.)  Weirdly, I’m not really interested in baseball normally; in fact, most terms are just alien to me.  But like how I enjoyed Shion no Ou without any prior knowledge of shougi, I have come to enjoy Ookiku Furikabutte and  Cross Game.  And now, I am  moving on to Major.

majoredKids are really cute

So the first episode wasn’t as touching as Cross Game’s.  It might not be so good to compare them, but it does highlight the fact that Cross Game appealed to me immediately with the first episode (it was probably out of curiousity that I continued with Ookiku).  But it helps that Goro also starts out as a cute kid.  I’ve only seen 2 episodes, but I’m sure Major’s gonna help weather my Cross Game cravings!

In other news…

Anime Briefs:   The second Hajime no Ippo series is as entertaining as ever.  Ristorante Paradiso is as slow as ever (though I do enjoy it).  I’ve lost a little interest in Higashi no Eden;   I’ll wait for it to end then marathon it.  FMA 2 is still enjoyable the second time around.  And I’m still struggling to finish Casshern SINS.  The show is too serious I can’t stomach watching more than 2 episodes in a good day; most days I don’t feel like watching it.  Maybe Gundam 00 was wise enough to give us the hilarious names so we don’t take it too seriously?  Healing Care, where are you??!

juunikokuki“Hayase-san, you hate me??!

Another old series I’ve started on is Juuni Kokuki, or The 12 Kingdoms. Initially, I really hated the main girl, Yoko Nakajima.  At first the premise gave me the Fushigi Yuugi vibes but alas that’s where it ends.  ‘Miaka!’, ‘Tamahome!’ don’t sound as annoying now.  I hate Yoko’s indecision and lack of a strong will.  Maybe I’ve had too high expectations for a series I deemed as the filler while I wait for the next installment of Saiunkoku Monogatari.  Or should I watch Romance of the Three Kingdoms instead?  Recommendations?  😀


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  1. Lol, um… I am going to assume that’s a joke. xD You’re putting Three Kingdoms up with Saiunkoku Monogatari? Well if you’re not kidding, consider looking up some reviews. 😛 Otherwise… here’s a few choices that I’d recommend you lookup…

    * Legend of Galactic Heroes (Sci-Fi Drama / Probably the best sci-fi story telling and strategy anime of all time – kind of like the Dune books, including the intense dialogue)
    * Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu (Comedy / “The jungle was always nice, then came Guu” – I love this comedy, though you have to be able to appreciate random and silly – catch a short preview here:
    * Searching for the Full Moon (Shojo Fantasy Drama / After seeing a remarkable trend of good reviews for this show- even from non-Shojo fans- I had to check it out. I’m only halfway through, but I find myself always rooting for the main character and looking forward to the next episode. She’s that sort of character. Or maybe she’s just too darn cute, I don’t know. 😛 But it’s worth a look. For the record, this is the review that hooked me in:
    * They Were Eleven (Sci-fi Mystery / While “Ghost in the Shell” steals all thunder for sci-fi anime movies, this genre’s been running for a while. One of the better older movies is this one, They Were 11. It has a few small flaws and is a pretty dated, but its a solid, engaging, enjoyable sci-fi movie.)
    * Noir (Action Mystery / Yes, this is ridiculously famous, but it’s an all-around pretty fun action series. The atmosphere and characters and fights are beautifully stylized too.)
    * Patlabor: The Movie (Sci-fi Mystery / Perhaps I just have too much passion for classic or sci-fi anime, but this is another one that catches my attention. It’s a brililant thinkers-man sort of anime.)
    * Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou Anthology (Multi-Genre Collection / Rumiko Takahashi is known as the “Princess of Manga.” She created Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½, Inu-Yasha, and others, but somewhere in there also had time to write and draw a number of short stories. The best of these shorter works have been animated and collected under this title. You can find some reviews here:
    * Vision of Escaflowne (Fantasy Adeventure / This is a fantastical adventure series that’s famous for good reason. It has a fairly intense plot, good music, unique animation, and memorable characters. Possibly one of the best examples of fantasy anime done right.)
    * Fruits Basket (Shoujo Comedy Drama / This is a show that’s all about the characters. While a lot of people are put off by how cute it is or unrealistic personalities (the main character is modest to a fault), I’m not easily bothered by that and gave it a chance. And I laughed hard, the people were just so silly and laughable and still a bit believable. I even cried (that story about Hatori bugged me– and I HATED Akito for that), and for once in my anime life– I actually walked away with a couple practical life lessons to apply to my own day. Like all shows, if you approach this without the expectations or discriminations for certain traits, you’ll probably enjoy it too.)
    * Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (Sci-fi Drama Adventure / I realize both this (and the movie) are nothing in comparison to the original book. But I absolutely loved this show. Though I wanted to slap the main character for half the series, the events unfolding around him just sucked me in to see exactly how it ends.)

    I hope one of these recommendations is up your alley. =)

    P.S. Sorry if this is a double-post, I’m just writing this in case the first one really did mess up. It has corrected spelling anyway. xD

    • Sorry it took a while to approve your post. It got caught in the spam filter, and I don’t check it regularly. ^_^;

      And thank you for the recommendations. When my mecha backlog ends, I’m going to start on LOGH. 🙂

      >>Lol, um… I am going to assume that’s a joke. xD You’re putting Three Kingdoms up with Saiunkoku Monogatari?

      I’ve already watched the first episode of Three Kingdoms. Comparing something from classical Chinese literature and a modern creation really isn’t a good exercise. What I meant was that my appetite for Saiunkoku Monogatari lead me to seek shows that deal with those time periods and situations or even something close (like Juuni Kokuki). 😉

  2. I’ve really no interest in any of the baseball anime out there. I suspect it has to do with playing baseball as a child.

    > At first the premise gave me the Fushigi Yuugi vibes but alas that’s where it ends.

    This is the reason I watched 12 Kingdoms

    > I hate Yoko’s indecision and lack of a strong will.

    Ooooo…get used to that. Her entire plot revolves around that aspect of her personality and how she overcomes it.

  3. @j.valdez

    >>I’ve really no interest in any of the baseball anime out there. I suspect it has to do with playing baseball as a child.

    You can’t relate anymore? Or is what is portrayed in anime too tame?

    >>Ooooo…get used to that. Her entire plot revolves around that aspect of her personality and how she overcomes it.

    I figured that out after the number of episodes I watched reached double digits. I was entertaining thoughts of dropping it but I’m glad I finished it. It’s a great series (though the last episode was filled with recap).

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