Out of Touch?


With the current season, maybe.  But I’m still watching anime, FYI.

I don’t want to talk long about the mundane stuff that’s bothering me right now.  But the good news is, 1) I bought a new laptop, and, 2) the live-action action fever that swept me (Heroes marathon, How I Met Your Mother marathon, Orange Days marathon, etc) is over now.


And on to the post title.  Yes, folks, baseball anime fever has still not subsided.  I am now plowing through Touch.  If I don’t get lazy, expect another post sometime this month when I’m done with it.  I recommend this to those who are looking to soothe their Cross Game cravings.  But be careful.  Don’t hurry too much or you’ll run out of episodes!  Hahaha!

And that’s it for ‘I’m still alive’ the update!  Ja!  🙂


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