Almost there


Three more episodes to go and my ‘taste-test’ of fall 2009 anime will be over.   I only sampled a few shows but there might be some worth watching till the end.   少々お待ち下さい。

On the other hand, I forgot to update my watchlist.  The last update was in April!  Looking back, it’s not really surprising since it was around that time that my work life turned ‘hellish’.  I can still feel the effects of those days lingering, like I’ve been damaged for life.  😦

Though I hope that’s not true hehehe.

So now it’s finally updated.  And it looks like I will breach the 15-show mark if some of the fall anime were to finish early (at 12 or 13 eps).  I’m now reconsidering if I will make the year-end rankings with 15 or less shows finished.  Hmm.

Till next, ja!


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