Fall 2009 Anime Brief Impressions


Here we go again, it’s the new season.  Picked a few shows to check out based on Omni’s list.  Avoided anything with harem, moe-looking pics and stories, and continuations of old series I dropped or purposely didn’t watch.  (Yup, I didn’t finish Darker than Black and currently have no intention of doing so.)  Others just didn’t catch my attention.

So here are the shows I checked out, starting with the most worthless to most awesome.

  • Miracle Train

I couldn’t finish watching.  The show just doesn’t excite or interest me.  Although I think that it might be informative at first if you dig trivia about train stations in Japan.  And I do have fond memories of Shinjuku.  😀

  • Tatakau Shishio

It feels too generic.  I can’t seem to like any of the characters.  And the CG puts me off a little.  Dropped.

  • Seiken no Blacksmith

Monster fare?  I can’t feel the chemistry between the blacksmith and the lady knight.  Though I admit that the forging process for the katana was quite cool.  Not too sure, but this series is probably gonna get dropped if it doesn’t level up after a few episodes.


  • Fairy Tail

The manga was recommended to me way before this anime came to be, but magic in manga and anime usually doesn’t interest me.  I think the powers are cool though.  The characters are interesting too.  But as this feels like it’s going to stretch out like any shounen fare, I wonder how long I can watch without getting bored.


  • Sasameki Koto

The 2nd yuri fare of the year.  Unfortunately, since it came after Aoi Hana, comparisons cannot be stopped.  And so far, Aoi Hana by far feels superior.  Sasameki Koto feels decent, but the art is not top notch.  There’s comedy, but the shorter girl is just not likeable.  If you just wanted the yuri it is watchable, but I don’t have high expectations for this.


  • Aoi Bungaku

Fall 2008 brought us Kurozoka and Mouryou no Hako.  Fall 2009 brings us Aoi Bungaku!  Brought to life by Madhouse (who also brought us Mouryou no Hako), Aoi Bungaku is a collection of six classical stories in animated form.  Based on what I’ve seen so far, it is AWESOME.  The first to be animated is No Longer Human. However, since the most of the stories seem to be ‘heavy’, I’m worried it’s going to be really depressing.  But at least, it promises to surpass Mouryou no Hako.  Highly recommended for fans of MnH.  I hope this is subbed until the end.  (In order, these are the stories to be animated: No Longer Human, In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom, Kokoro, Run, Melos!, The Spider’s Thread, Hell Screen.)


  • Kimi ni Todoke

Finally, something on the lighter side.  At first, this series reminds me of Nobuta wo Produce, but the two really are different.  I looooooove the hilarious situations that the lead female character gets into.  It might not be able to compete with Aoi Bungaku in terms of ‘depth’, but it surely will add some brightness to my day.  🙂


And that ends the brief account of my foray into fall 2009 anime season.  If I had nothing else to do I’d probably check out more shows;  unfortunately I don’t have the time to watch everything that is even remotely interesting.  For now, my bets are on Aoi Bungaku and Kimi ni Todoke as the best new shows of fall 2009.  🙂


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  1. w00t Kimi ni Todoita! XD Miracle Train is just silly lulz anyways, so no value of worth was lost with its droppage.

    I told absolute0 that Aoi Bungaku is right up his alley, which means he should watch and blog it! Go pressure him!! 😛

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