I’m free!!


The JLPT yoke that had been cast upon me is now gone!!  Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

This is the second time I took the JLPT level 2.  I’m not confident that I passed, though I was not as frustrated after the test as I was last year.  I think my listening test was better than last year’s, though I’m not as confident with the reading and kanji tests.  But  I’m happy now that it’s over.

Next year, I won’t be taking JLPT anymore, even if I pass this year’s test (though my chances are still slim).   I’ll think about it again in 2011.

For now, it’s gonna be fun times again!  😀


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  1. JLPT shackles begone!!

    I’m happier / less frustrated with my exam this year compared to last year, but still not sure if I’ll pass. I still sucked at listening TT__TT

    3 more months before the results are out…!

    Pass or fail (or even if you don’t take the JLPT exam next year), just continue moving forward. Read light novels, watch dramas raw… and before you know it, you’re all set for the next level! 😀

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