The anime line-up for winter is…


…weak, as usual.

The only faint hope is Nodame Cantabile Finale, and I don’t have high expectations even for this one.   The next thing that captures a faint interest is Katanagatari, as the pic doesn’t look too fanservicey.  An automatic entry is Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn because it’s mecha.

The other series I will take a look at for the possible lulz (along the lines of Miracle Train), are Dance in the Vampire Bund for the lolis and Sex Pistols out of curiousity.  😛

Link:  The winter 2010 anime preview c/o hashihime.


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  1. i want season 3 of darker than black , the first and second season were so good and darker than black is one of my favorite animes is a masterpiece , but i will watch
    -dance in the vampire bund
    -okami kakushi
    -hanamaru kindergarten
    -nodame cantabile
    -sora no woto

  2. also i liked so much armed librarians the book of bantorra , my favorite character is hamyuts meseta i always read the opinions about this anime in the blog of star crossed and are positive always

  3. Hmm, makes me feel the itch to give the armed librarians another chance. That depends on how much of this year’s backlog can be consumed before year’s end.

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