The anime line-up for winter is…

…weak, as usual.

The only faint hope is Nodame Cantabile Finale, and I don’t have high expectations even for this one.   The next thing that captures a faint interest is Katanagatari, as the pic doesn’t look too fanservicey.  An automatic entry is Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn because it’s mecha.

The other series I will take a look at for the possible lulz (along the lines of Miracle Train), are Dance in the Vampire Bund for the lolis and Sex Pistols out of curiousity.  😛

Link:  The winter 2010 anime preview c/o hashihime.


3 thoughts on “The anime line-up for winter is…

  1. kyon

    i want season 3 of darker than black , the first and second season were so good and darker than black is one of my favorite animes is a masterpiece , but i will watch
    -dance in the vampire bund
    -okami kakushi
    -hanamaru kindergarten
    -nodame cantabile
    -sora no woto

  2. kyon

    also i liked so much armed librarians the book of bantorra , my favorite character is hamyuts meseta i always read the opinions about this anime in the blog of star crossed and are positive always

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