A new year, another new beginning


Happy New Year!

There are so many things I’d like to do this year, I don’t know where to begin.

But first off, let me congratulate myself for the least stressful rankings post evar.  I don’t know how many hours it took but I am glad I finished it before 2010 came around.  Whew.

Looking back, 2009 was for me the year of missed opportunity.  On a personal level, I got stuck in a haze of indecision, grasping for direction in the sea of life.  (As to what that means, it’s not anime-related so I’ll save you my dear readers from the boring details.)  Blogging-wise, I was not able to execute my intended plans for this blog.  I was not even able to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of Cute Proxy’s Anime Rants! How did that happen??!!

Then I thought I would do something about.  The not-late rankings was the first task done.  You are reading the second one.  The next ones, hopefully, will be accomplished before this blog’s 4th year anniversary.  Or at least I hope to accomplish at least 50%.

What am I up to?  Last year, I had toyed with mega-posts (posts longer than I like to write) to celebrate the blog’s 3rd year anniversary.  Unfortunately, some things got in the way (or more like I got in my way with my internal battles), and nothing happened.

To get things started, I wanted to write a rankings list of all anime I have seen.  I know that a lot of bloggers have been doing ‘best of the decade’ posts,  but I assure you this ain’t one of them.  Because for one, I hate to even think about scrolling every year’s anime list from 2000 to 2009.  In my list,  even though a lot of them will be from this decade, it will span two decades at the least.  Basically almost everything that I’ve watched.  Then, I divide them by genre, or whatever grouping I see fit.  There is no schedule to this though, because it depends on my mood (and my work which affects it greatly).

So where is the new beginning here?  The new beginning is my motto for this year:  If it can be done now, do it now! Last year I was always telling myself ‘I’ll write /do this later’, ‘Tomorrow is a better schedule’, ‘I’m not in the mood now.’  I mostly ended up doing nothing.  I was also complaining about New Year’s lethargy, and, blamed it on vague things I don’t know what.

Before my ramblings bore you, what are your plans for this year, dear readers?  If you’re not too lazy to comment, feel free to ramble today too!  🙂


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