Would you ever abandon anime?


If I remember right, this was the question that blogging senpai Hopeless Sensei asked a few years ago.  His blog is gone now, I don’t know what I wrote back then too.  But this is not a rehash.  The twist is this:  if ever anime can no longer be (easily) found for free in the internet, would you abandon it as a hobby?

What prompted this post?  I was supposed to publish something else, but this BBC article caught my attention:

New internet piracy law comes into effect in France.

The first effects of France’s new law against internet piracy will begin to be felt as the new year begins.

The law was passed after a long struggle in parliament, and in the teeth of bitter opposition from groups opposed to internet restrictions.

Illegal downloaders will be sent a warning e-mail, then a letter if they continue, and finally must appear before a judge if they offend again.

The judge can impose a fine, or suspend their access to the internet.


I’ve thought about this every time I read articles like this, but my answer mostly comes to yes.  I’m not saying that I would end my hobby immediately, but for somebody like me, who is very picky, I can’t see myself buying DVDs the way I buy books.  If I were to buy DVDs, it would be of shows that I have already seen, and know that I would like to have a legit copy.  Examples would be things related to Ghost in the Shell, Macross, Maria-sama ga Miteru, and possibly the Ghibli movies.  That is, if ever they can play on my (future) DVD player, and if I can buy it easily.

I’m not saying piracy is the answer.  As I said before, I’m picky, and I just can’t get myself to waste money on stuff like Seiken no Blacksmith and then realize I really didn’t like the show anyway.  There are stuff I would absolutely spend money for, like Macross Frontier in BD, if only I had the space in my room for a gigantic TV for that ultimate viewing experience.

Of course, if this happens I know I would miss a lot, especially on OSTs and mecha stuff.  But for a Third World inhabitant like me, I’m sorry, studios, but I’ll pick my books anytime over anime.  Or should I move on to jdoramas instead?   😀

A warning:  Ok folks, the answer to the question would be a simple yes or no, and a brief description of the reason behind it.  I wrote this not to discuss ethics but just a simple question.  So, no tirades about pir@tes, ne?  I will delete posts that I consider off-topic.  =)


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  1. No.

    I think it’ll slow down my fandom, but not stop it.

    I see piracy as an eye-opener. Without it, no one would watch Top Gear (most pirated show of all time) or even know about most animes.

    Try before buy, that’s my motto.

    • That’s so true!

      Yet it’s also flawed because you might not like what everyone else likes, thus the blogging world wouldn’t be able to help to in that respect, maybe to help you lose money…

      • Well, at least it’s better than nothing. The trick is to find a blogger with similar tastes to your own. That’s what I usually do. 🙂

  2. For the day when I find that the animation and quality of the show has dropped to such a low level I´m not satisfied with it any longer then I will probably abandon anime.

    But untill that day? Nope.

    As for downloading? As long as the companies themselves are ok with it I see no reason to stop. They have sent out letter to a few groups that have listened and thus all is kept in good manners.

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