From voracious to casual


It’s been more than a month since my last post.

As for the excuse for my absence, well, there’s some ideas for a major post floating around in my mind. But I just can’t find the will to type something and express those thoughts.

I’ve still been watching anime though. Nodame Cantabile Finale has been very good so far. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is very promising. Cross Game is still a good watch. But I have temporarily stopped watching Kimi ni Todoke, FMA Brotherhood, and Fairy Tail. The bloody Kara no Kyoukai has me uneasy, but might need to steel myself some more if I am to finish the last 2 episodes.

Right now, the feeling is that I have turned from somebody with a voracious appetite for anime, to an almost casual viewer (are three shows casual?). I even stopped reading blogs completely; it’s only been the in the past week that I started reading some posts. I would have wanted to read some now that I will be getting more free time for blogging, but alas, from where I’m surfing now, Blogger and WordPress has been blocked. I won’t have time to read through all those feeds from AnimeNano, so I’ll have to be more selective of whose blog I keep up with.

I’m hoping that this weekend, I can make another post or two. Till then, ja!


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