Transitions and Spring 2010


Hmm, metablogging has its advantages.

In the course of the catch-up on blogs, I pored over past posts at Ani-Nouto for anything that might interest me.  Jackpot!

I saw the item on Omni’s exit from anime blogging.  And it was the answer to my question of why RandomC didn’t have a spring season preview when Hashihime already had one.  It feels like the end of an era.  I remember that it was one of the first batch of blogs that I frequented before I decided to blog myself.  And the anime I distinctly remember researching about was Fate-Stay Night.  That was before I decided the lead was an annoying brat.

This transition strikes a chord with me, as I am also undergoing a transition myself.  No, I’m not quitting blogging just yet, if you ask me if this blog will also cease operations in the coming months.  But if you ask me if this blog might still be alive one year from now, then, I cannot answer that decisively.

Speaking of spring previews, I guess there’s no other source for me now except hashime.  I am not sure if I will eventually watch everything, but below are the shows that have piqued my interest.

Armored Trooper Votoms: Phantom Arc – It’s mecha, what else can I say?

Ookiku Furikabutte 2 – Yes!!!!  Another serving of baseball anime to succeed Cross Game!

Giant Killing – I am not really into soccer but I am curious.

xxxHOLIC Rou – Yay more Watanuki!!!!!  And I hope the animation is also as good (or even better) than the 2nd season.

Ai no Kusabi – I first heard about this from Iwa ni Hana blog.  The curiousity factor jumps in, and it’s supposedly science fiction.

Omni’s farewell
Author’s post
Hashime’s Spring Anime 2010 preview


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  1. Glad to see you back for a minute. I know that life gets in the way (of blogging) and all that but that’s the way its really supposed to be.

    The demise of Random Curiosity drives the truth of the above statement home like no other.

    Truth be told, I haven’t been following Omni’s site for quite awhile since his taste in anime and mine have diverged as of late. We’ll still miss him though. He was one of the early stars of the aniblogosphere like JASCII and Momotato who pulled me into this little corner of the interwebs.

    The Spring season looks pretty lackluster to me so I’ll be catching up on my backlog. At least until someone gives me the good buzz on something new.

  2. Oh you don’t even know half of it. These days I only know of any news if someone tells me. I only learned today that THAT exited (it happened months ago).

    BTW, Divine posted a spring preview today. I think he’ll try to keep it up at the new place, but of course without Omni it’s not going to be the same.

  3. @redmaigo

    I also don’t have much in common anymore with Omni’s tastes but I still look to his season previews, and sometimes his first impressions posts.

    I’m also trying to work on my backlog too. Looks like it’s time for another post. 😀


    Thanks for the update on THAT. I had just finished updating the links page, and looks like I’ll have to do another update. ^_^;

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