The NEET Life


Now that the Philippine elections are over, I finally summon the energy to post.  State of the Proxy, May 2010.

Why NEET life?  Well, it’s because currently I am jobless.  If you’ve been reading this blog ever since its inception in 2006, you’re probably familiar with my rants every now and then about overtime.    It’s finally taken its toll, and the result is burnout.  Now I’m happily living my days as an otaku–is what I wish  could say.  However, this jobless, or rather, income-less situation is far from my ideal life.  How could I ever afford a future trip to the holy land of anime and manga if  I don’t have the moolah?  How could I afford to pay my internet bills if I don’t have income?  If I were like Hugh Grant’s character in About a Boy I certainly wouldn’t have to worry about financial stuff.  Unfortunately I was born in a Third World country and my parents cannot subsidize me.  I am not in line to inherit a sizable fortune so I have to support myself (and my family and my hobbies) by working.  I am not a slob who will not work but I have my limits.  So my career right now is in limbo though I do hope to find another job soon.

So why the lack of posts?  Actually there was a bit of miscalculation on my part.  I underestimated the punishing heat of summer.  I ended up not doing much during the day because both my brain and my laptop are weak when it comes to high temperatures.  Of course you could say I should installed an airconditioning unit but I thought it was too much of a bother to pay higher electricity bills plus the fact that I wouldn’t be using it for much of the day (when I was still working).  The other alternative is to go to the malls and pay a parking fee in some coffee shop.  But it’s not in my budget so I cannot do that five days a week just to do something sort of productive with my laptop.  At night I end up marathoning anime and live-action shows or checking emails and other time-sinks that are a-plenty in the net.  But I see a silver lining in the dark clouds…

I have drafts on some posts, and if I don’t get lazy as usual I’ll be posting again this week (or in the next few hours if I’m up to it).

Till next post, ja!


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