Anime Progress Report – Fall 2010


What’s the other reason for barely blogging and watching anime?

I’ve got two–NCIS and Battlestar Galactica.

Yep, live-action shows have my full attention now that the selections from the fall anime season were mostly not appealing.

So what’s got the rest of my attention from fall 2010?  Well 4 series to be exact–Bakuman, Star Driver – Kagayaki no Takuto, Arakawa Under the Bridge × Bridge, and Kuragehime.

  • Bakuman

I’ve read lots of mention of this one, and though I do not have high expectations, what I’ve seen so far has me wanting more.  It makes me curious what aspiring mangaka go through.

  • Star Driver – Kagayaki no Takuto

Chaotic.  Though I’m happy it’s mecha, I have this gut feeling that does not bode well for this show.  I hope I’m wrong.

  • Arakawa Under the Bridge × Bridge

Was gonna check the first season out but decided not to.  Hence not checking out the second season either.

  • Kuragehime

The only other show really worth watching aside from Bakuman.  The OP was really entertaining with all those references, from Star Wars to The Graduate.  Though it makes me shake my head that a trip to Shibuya would be that hard.  For me, the only thing I’d be worrying about would be getting lost.  On second thought, I remember that I didn’t like going inside department stores during my stay in Tokyo, just because I thought I’d stand out like a sore thumb.  I guess it makes sense a little now.

Until I’m in the mood for another post, ja!


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  1. I have to say, Kuragehime is probably my most looked forward to anime out this season. But I haven’t seen it mentioned very often. I wonder why… hmm…

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