This is the anime adaptation of the sci-fi novel Loups=Garous, written by Natsuhiko Kyogoku (also the author of Mouryou no Hako).  Verdict?

First, let’s have the blurb from the back of the translated novel:

In the near future, humans communicate almost exclusively through the monitors connected to online networks; face-to-face meetings are rare and the surveillance state nearly all-powerful.  Even school children are only allowed to meet in the flesh in designated communication centers.  So when a serial killer starts slaughtering junior high students, the crackdown is harsh.  And despite all of the safeguards, the killer’s latest victim turns out to have been in contact with three young girls:  Mio Tsuzuki, a certified prodigy; Hazuki Makino, a quiet but opinionated classmate; and Ayumi Kono, her best friend.  As the girls get caught up trying to find the killer–who just might be a werewolf–Hazuki learns that there is much more to virtual reality than meets the eye.

The girls at Ayumi's lair

Let’s do this by review by categories I want to discuss.

  • Animation

Not good.  What I mean is, I don’t like it.  (Though I may been spoiled by the Madhouse adaptation of that other novel by Kyogoku, Mouryou no Hako.)

  • Music

It was average.  But what was with that girl band??  It totally detracted from the story.

  • Story/Plot/Dialogue

About 5 minutes into the adaptation, I knew something was quite wrong.  I had just finished reading the novel, so I knew the story.  However, even though I knew the story, I was like, ‘Huh? Why’d they skip immediately to this scene?  Is there no explanation for this?’  The adaptation sort of glossed over some details that would have made more sense of the world of Loups=Garous, and what the characters were going through.  Of course it would be harder for the non-readers of the novel to connect things smoothly.  And most of the essence of the novel is lost.

Most unforgivable were the changes to the story.  It was horrific.  It was done such that the adaptation looked incoherent.  Couldn”t they get a decent writer?  It would have been okay if they didn’t put in much of the dialogue that was in the novel (if they did the movie would be too long).  But to have done this adaptation incompetently, it has been a waste of resources and effort.  (Or were they just practicing their story-mangling skills?  I wonder.)

What I was most looking forward to was Mio Tsuzuki and her plasma blaster/bazooka.  However, she shows up in a stupid animal suit.  Arrrgghhh…

I want to discuss some of the changes but it would involve spoilers.  So I’ll be making another post.  Until then, this is all I can say for now.


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