Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica 01


Very brief impressions on this magical girl show.

  • I liked the starting sequence.


  • Hmm, it’s the mom who’s reading the newspaper.  Wow, role reversal.  At least there’s a guarantee that this series will show us some interesting things aside from the usual.

At least there's something new to the eyes

  • The weird visuals seem out of place though.  Or, maybe I need to get used to it.

This could be a scene from a nightmare

  • No longish, naked girl transformation sequences–yet.  (Though the OP had one; I could always skip that).  The girls don’t look to be trying hard to be cute (which usually turns me off).  I heartily approve.

Uhm...who was this again?

Conclusion:  Will continue to watch.  Even though magical girl shows aren’t really my thing, it’s Shinbou + Kajiura anyway, so I’m probably gonna enjoy this.  =)


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