Pandora Hearts Ending


I’m supposed to be doing something else and not posting, but I have to get this short rant out of my head.  For those who haven’t seen Pandora Hearts, please skip this post as it contains crushing spoilers.

Even before the 24th episode ended I had the inkling that the season finale wouldn’t be as awesome as I expected to be–it would have to be a vague and anti-climactic ending.  I was wondering how long would I have to wait for the 2nd season to resolve the mystery of the Tragedy of Sabrie.

However, a look at the Animesuki forums dashed my hopes to pieces.  Supposedly the last 3 episodes deviated from the manga so much that a 2nd season was unlikely.  Arrggh.  Allow me to make up an expression for this:  I’ve been Claymore’d.

I really thought this was an awesome show. Can they remake this like FMA?  (However, even though it deviated from the manga, I thought that the first Full Metal Alchemist adaptation had a good ending.)  This show will go my list of must-have-a-remake, a la Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Until that day comes,  I’ll have to pretend that the manga doesn’t exist, and my ending is safe.

My brother can't be this...this...this...close???


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