Let’s talk about books


I know I should be studying for an upcoming job interview.  I know I said that this blog would hibernate for the winter season.  But I am so anxious I don’t think cramming for an interview would do me any good–there’s just too much material to review.  And I like the anime this winter season (the ones worth watching anyway).  So let me ramble about books.  Let this be a book-related accounting for 2010.

First off, the stats.

Number of books bought (excluding mags and reference books):  19

The breakdown:

Books bought for collection purposes: 2
Books finished: 12
Books on-hold/disappointing (not finished): 4
Currently reading: 1

I finished reading a total of 32 books in 2010 (of which 12 were bought in 2010).

That means I managed to finished 20 books from my backlog, which is a good thing over-all.  However I still wish that I had finished ALL the books in my backlog, considering that I had lots of free time.  But alas, there are just some books that I don’t have the patience for. (Or I was probably not in the mood for them.  Better luck next time, eh?)

The Notables

Best books I’ve read for 2010:

Fahrenheit 451 – I’ve started to like Ray Bradbury–I’ll be sure to read more of his works in the future.  In the meantime, I’m still in the process of exploring the works of other writers.
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (audiobook) – via Project Gutenberg. I thought the narrator was good–it certainly made more impact.  But if I weren’t on a sort of penny-pinching mode, I would have preferred to leaf through the pages of a real book.
1984 – (See below for comment.)

So many books to read, so little time...

Most thought-provoking:

1984 – My Big Brother can’t be this scary??!  I salute Orwell for writing this book.  There’s a lot of interesting things in there, but I’m not really in the mood to discuss.  (And it’s certainly going to be off-topic in this blog.)  But indeed it has become one of my all-time fave books (though I don’t think I’d want to read it again and again).
Loups=Garous – It’s not as depressing and heavy on the brain as Summer of the Ubume, but still makes me think.

For geek reference points:

Fahrenheit 451
Lolita – Started out good, then went downhill for me somewhere in the middle.
Neuromancer – Maybe they should make a movie out of this?
2001: A Space Odyssey – I liked the music in the movie, but I prefer the novel.
Lord of the Flies – I definitely do not want to be stuck in an island with juveniles.
Northanger Abbey – The premise was good, but the ending was so-so.

I ask you, is this a loli?

Most vile book/Most over-rated/Most hard to finish:

Wuthering Heights – After reading this, I’m even more clueless about the appeal of this book.  Maybe I should have just read Wikipedia instead?

Philippine Books (Best Read):

Myself, Elsewhere/Legends & Adventures/Exeunt – by Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil.  I like her accounts of those pre-martial law days.  After martial law, not so much.  I don’t read a lot of Philippine books because there are only a handful of writers that I like/admire (or maybe I’m just too lazy to search hard).  So I guess these 3 books will do.


On a matter closer to this blog’s intended subject, I also finally finished the 10 volumes of Honey and Clover.  Conclusion?  The anime was so good, I prefer the anime.  Without the background music, without the colors, without the voices, the manga doesn’t evoke the same feelings the anime does.  Though without the manga, there’d be no anime.  And I’m still happy I bought the books.

Which is better, a rose-colored campus life or a pastel-colored campus life? Is there even such a campus life? What color was your campus life?

And that ends my bookish adventures of 2010.  Share your bookish adventures too if you like!  😀


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