Pre-Valentine State of the Proxy


First off, the good news.

I recently got a job offer (which is really good news for my pocket).  I’ve yet to report for work so I’m still enjoying my vacation right now.  Still I’m hoping that the working hours will be better than at my previous job so that I can do more things. (Other than rest on weekends just to catch up on sleep.  Or worse, still work on weekends.)  There’s more I want to say about RL but maybe I’ll save that for a future post.  Someday.

In my previous updates I forgot to mention about my New Year’s resolution regarding anime.  It’s this:

No re-watch of anime, except in December.

I have this habit of re-watching anime when I feel depressed, sentimental or something.  It does help me feel better but on the other hand I realized it is also a waste of time.  Instead of watching new anime or reading new books (or other more productive things) I was playing my favorite series/episodes over and over again.  I have taken the stance that even if a lot of new anime shows are moe/harem/fanservice shit I just have to dig deeper into older shows to find the hidden gems worth watching.  (Or just turn off my brain at times.  It worked with K-On!  TV is just a passive activity anyway–unless you blog/tweet/post about it.)

Right now I’m very happy I made this resolution.  Maybe I should have done this in 2010.  But with my brain so fried that year I’m not wondering about it.  Come December I don’t know what I will be re-watching then, though.  But this could be the start of a new tradition, I hope.

Blogging-wise last year I couldn’t do much because I kept repeating my mistakes but I’m still happy that I managed to finish the lists that I really wanted to do.  I’m not sure if I want to do lists again this year.  Maybe just post what I can think of.

So I mentioned ‘pre-Valentine’, and I’ll be spending Valentine’s at home.  (Instead of the office–could have been worse.)  For this year I was planning on inviting some friends to dinner but unfortunately I haven’t even gotten a paycheck yet so maybe that’ll have to wait.  I’ll just act like a hikkikomori on that day.

Before this post turns into tl;dr stuff I think I’ll end here.  Ja!  😀

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  1. Yes, I also have a problem with rewatching, and rereading, movies, books and television series when I should be reading something new. But you often feel more comfortable with things you know than taking a chance on the things you don’t know.

    For example, Aria (series and books) and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (manga) are mental and emotional comfort food when life becomes a little too much to take.

    Oh, and have a Happy Voluntary Hikkikomori Day to you too.

  2. >>But you often feel more comfortable with things you know than taking a chance on the things you don’t know.

    That’s the problem. It’s really hard to shake off that feeling.

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