Gimme a high five!


This blog finally turned 5 a few days ago.  I planned on writing a long post but as usual I never found the energy to do it.

So what’s happened?

When I started out in 2006 I was full of energy, watching a lot of shows both old and new.  I watched more shows in the 5-year span I was blogging than when I was still in school.  ^_^;

I was able to celebrate my 1st and 2nd year in blogging.  I managed to avoid the burn-out that afflicted many other bloggers, by posting less (though I can’t say the quality was inversely proportional), and dropping shows I don’t feel like watching.  However, I failed to anticipate the signs of the worst thing that happened to me so far:  I got burned out at work.

How is that related to blogging, you ask?  Well, my growing dissatisfaction at work was affecting me.  I don’t remember celebrating my 3rd and 4th year of blogging.  Not only did I have to deal with issues outside of work, I had to deal with the stress of long working hours and a demanding superior that took a lot out of me.  What made things worse was that I was dilly-dallying on finding less stressful work.  I had trouble moving on.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore; I resigned.  I took some months off to recover.  Now I’m working again but I still can’t say that I’m fully recovered.

I still managed to blog something every now and then during those ‘dark’ days.  I did finish Legend of Galactic Heroes during my time as a NEET.  I got a copy that originated from usagijen (circa 2009, I think), but I never found the time to watch it before I tendered my resignation.  😀

As for the long-term direction of this blog, I’m not really sure.  I had thought about starting over again with a new blog, but, what for?  I had also made a side blog that I’ve forgotten after a while.  Starting over again is just another hassle.  I’ve also thought about recruiting another writer but I’m not too keen on spending energy trying to find somebody who shares my tastes.   😛

I think that’s all the significant things that I can remember.  (Though Japan-wise 2011 is the year of the tragic earthquake that struck.)

Anyway, I’m still having the itch to write, there are still new shows that are good to watch, so I may be blogging for another year.  Hoping for a good second half in 2011!


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  1. Yes, in the blogosphere, that is a hoary gray beard long time, though I myself edge you out by a month, albeit my interest in anime is less than three years old. Congratulations, Cute Proxy!

  2. Congratulations on your 5th blog anniversary, Hayase! 😀 *high five*

    It is a long time indeed in terms of blogging years – wish you many more! 🙂

    It sounds like the past few years have been quite stressful at work and there seem to be some other issues outside of work as well. When you are drained of energy like that, it is natural that you just don’t feel like blogging. Probably, it was a good decision to resign because the work was too stressful with long hours and too demanding supervisor. I hope your new work is going better, and, although it will take some time to fully recover, you have less stress, and more stability in life.

    I might respectfully disagree with you that there are still good new shows to watch 😛 , but I do wish you a great second half of 2011 in anime and in life overall! ^_^

    • Yay thanks!

      >>too demanding supervisor

      Actually it was the overseas counterpart/client, not my supervisor, that was demanding. My supervisor was cool. 😀 Though there were things that I should have done with regards to those demands in retrospect, but well, you really can’t think that well when you’re too stressed. 😦

      >>although it will take some time to fully recover

      I’m thinking maybe next year? LOL

      Though I do hope I recover completely, as of now I still don’t think I’m motivated as my previous self.

  3. hi! i found your blog while digging up some old honey and clover reviews. nice to find people who appreciate anime as deeply as you do. alas, i only have a few anime-loving acquaintances and they only like the action, they refuse to delve on the intellectual part. plus, it’s always nice to bump along fellow anime-loving filipinos! =D

  4. Hi Paula!

    I’m glad you found the Honey & Clover reviews. 😀

    >>they refuse to delve on the intellectual part

    That’s ok, there are blogs on the ‘Net that do delve into the intellectual part (not only mine).

    Some of them are listed here:

    Though not all of them delve into intellectual parts, most of them do.

    >>plus, it’s always nice to bump along fellow anime-loving filipinos! =D

    Yeah, I only know a handful of Filipinos that blog about anime.

  5. A bit late… but congrats!

    As you mentioned above, I’m one of those bloggers that burned out… You know how I got to this post? I was feeling nostalgic and decided to -vainly- google myself to see if anyone remembers me. You mentioned Natsukashii on your blogroll and… here I am. Not a glorious ride. Not sure you know too much about me, but I have blogged at 4 different places because I didn’t want to lose my passion, but it happened anyways. Point is, I wanted to say thanks and REALLY congratulate you for getting to 5 years. Keep it up.

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