Picks for Fall Anime Season 2011

Brief thoughts on what I want to check out this fall season.

Fate/Zero – I watched Fate/Stay Night, which excited me at first, then became annoying.  But it’s been a while since I’ve watched fighting anime, and I have high hopes for this.

Hunter x Hunter – I never really got into the previous adaptation so I’ll be checking this out.

Phi Brain:  Kami no Puzzle – I hope this is worth my brain cells.

Tamayura – Hitotose – Is it gonna be boring?  I’ll soon find out.

Kimi to Boku – Slice of life?  I’m in!

Chihayafuru – I have no idea how the Karuta card game is played.  But it’s supposed to be josei, so yeah, I’m in.

Last Exile – Ginyoku no Fam – I liked Last Exile so I’m watching this.

Mirai Nikki – There was some buzz about this so many moons ago.  I’m watching out of curiousity.

UN-GO – Noitamina anime rarely disappoint me so I have good expectations from this show.

Guilty Crown – Another Noitamina show.  Weeeeeeee!!  I like the pic though.

Not so sure:

Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – It’s supposed to be the final season.  Yes, I find some characters annoying, but I liked the first season.

Going through the backlog

I recently bought a 1 TB drive where I can store my anime, and I’ve been going over my backlog.

I’s Pure – Skimmed through episodes and I still don’t like it.  Purged forever.

Saiyuki Reload – I used to watch Gensoumaden Saiyuki back when it was aired on TV.  Years later, I don’t have the patience to watch it anymore, even though I still like Sanzo and the gang.  It’s their bland enemies I really don’t like.  For purging.

Boogiepop Phantom – It is weird.  Very weird.  I don’t watch to weird right now.  Back to the backlog pile.

That’s all I got to say right now.  Till next, ja!  😀

4 thoughts on “Picks for Fall Anime Season 2011

    1. Yeah I’m probably watching too much anime these days. Maybe I’ll drop some along the way…

      >>My menu consists of a squid with garlic sauce.

      I’m not sure that I’d like squid on my anime menu…I’m not that fond of beaches 😛

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