Kaleido Star

Warning: I usually do not include spoiler pics in my reviews but this one is special so, yeah, you’ve been warned! 🙂

Kaleido Star is about a girl named Sora, who dreams of joining Kaleido Stage as an acrobatic performer.

While searching for ‘light’ shows earlier this year I came across Kaleido Star. (Whether Glass Mask had something to do with finding this show I unfortunately cannot remember.) When I saw it I liked the first episode of Kaleido Star, though a little tentative about the show in the succeeding episodes. I was never that interested in acrobatics or circus stuff, and the stunts in the show are probably not realistic. And I wasn’t sure the characters would get more interesting or the story would get better, but I was glad that I continued. The show won me over with the amazing rivalry between Sora Naegino and Layla Hamilton. If this were boxing, Sora is the sprightly challenger, and Layla is the dignified reigning world champion. And this was the scene in episode 13 that really sucked me into the show:

Sora and Layla Over The Raging Sea
Sora and Layla Over The Raging Sea

This is the last place you’d think of to stage a duel.

Ship The Raging Sea
Ship Over The Raging Sea

I doubt the above can be done in reality, but still I was like, ‘Wow.’ For a few seconds it made me think that perhaps the rivalry between Yang Wenli and Reinhard Lohengramm in LOGH was boring.

This scene made me wonder, maybe, these two were really meant for each other?? 😛

Sora and the Masked Star
Sora and the Masked Star

The legendary maneuver at the end to season 1 was magical. Watching these two it got me imagining how it feels like swinging from one bar to another, the feel of flying in the air, ever-changing directions, and what an exhilarating feeling it must be (if not totally scary).

The Legendary Maneuver
The Legendary Maneuver

However, season 2 was not as good. Maybe because there was too much emo Sora, and it depressed me most of the time. Her new rival, May Wong, was annoying.  But I didn’t like the unmotivated Sora more, especially that breakdown in episode 39. That was the episode where she couldn’t perform the Angel maneuver. But when I thought about it, I really cannot blame her for losing motivation after losing her rival. I’ve lost motivation myself too. I know how it feels, especially the feeling of the lack of direction.

Fortunately the series picked up again when Layla came back to challenge Sora on the Angel Maneuver. This was a very fitting end to their rivalry in the TV series.

Sora and Layla Angel Maneuver
Sora and Layla Angel Maneuver

But I have one complaint, regarding Sora and Layla’s parting. WHY WASN’T THERE A HUG???!!!!!!!

What Layla said
What Layla Said
What Sora probably wanted to say
What Sora probably wanted to say...(C'mon let me dream ok)

To conclude, (and not to belittle the other characters but) Kaleido Star to me will always be about the rivalry between Sora and Layla, and the passion that they have for performing. Watch it if you want something like that in your anime. =)


3 thoughts on “Kaleido Star

  1. Oh, this anime… How many years… let’s see… I think at least six on my watch list lol Sounds like I should really watch it!

    “made me think that perhaps the rivalry between Yang Wenli and Reinhard Lohengramm in LOGH was boring” ahaha Impossible!

    Noooo! I demand a snuggle!!!

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