State of the Proxybuntu


Or why yours truly has not posted in a while.  If you want to get bored with the details, read on.

The answer?  Two words:  Dell m102z.

Yes, I just bought a new laptop, and it’s what kept me so busy these days.  Configuring here and there, and installing this and that.

Of course I did write a post on the new shows this season.  However, in the course of trying to decide what flavor of Linux to install, I totally forgot to back up the file.  I was so excited to install a new OS that I forgot to plan what partitions I would be using.  Because of that I overwrote the data of the pre-installed OS and of course that OS was gone too.  I did create a reinstall disk of the original OS but unfortunately not all customizations where there, and neither were my data.

So what Linux flavor did I end up with?  I decided to go with Xubuntu, as I cannot get used to Unity on Ubuntu.  I did consider Fedora (I installed it too), but I found it easier to configure Ubuntu/Xubuntu.  And Fedora is slow for me, even with XFCE as the desktop environment.  I currently do not have the patience (nor the time) to spend hours just trying to get things to work.  Or wait for the OS to boot up.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without talking about anime.  For viewing anime, it’s still best under Windows, but I have found that SMplayer works with my files almost smoothly.  I say almost smoothly because I can still notice some lag in the video, but it still renders things better than VLC.

I can't have the plane, so I'll just have to settle for wallpaper. =p

Wait, there’s more!  😛

I’m also busy preparing for another job hunt.  Of course my current job pays me better than my previous job, but I wonder if I can grow my programming skills if I stay.  My burnout is almost gone.  Do I prefer to do overtime with work that does not interest me, or with something that interests me?  I find myself leaning towards the latter, and when I’m not thinking about Linux my mind is debating benefits versus interesting work.  And if I do get that job this blog will probably go on hiatus.

In the meantime, I’m gonna have to finish that post on the spring season anime.  Ja!


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