Anime Progress Report – Spring 2012

Oh look it’s a post!  Hahaha…It’s just a list of what I’m currently watching, nothing major.  Just to show this blog is not totally dead yet.

Fate/Zero – I have downloaded the new eps but it seems I’m not yet interested in watching them yet.

Eureka Seven AO – The first ep didn’t feel as good as the first ep from the first series. I can’t pinpoint why but I’m not that excited about this show.

Ozuma – Dropped. It didn’t really hold my interest after a while. I got bored.

Uchuu Kyodai – The first of the only 3 shows which I watch after the ep comes out. Even though I’m not that knowledgeable with rocket science it’s usually interesting to watch shows that deal with the final frontier. In real life, one recent development is the success of the privately owned space venture, SpaceX’s Dragon.

Jormungad – The 2nd show I’m actively following. It’s not as good as Black Lagoon, but with no other alternatives (aside from rewatching BL again), I can’t be choosy.

Tsuritama – Reminds me of Mawaru Penguin Drum in the weirdness department. I don’t know where the story is going, but I’m still getting the eps for a marathon viewing.

Sakamichi no Apollon – The best new show to come out from the spring season anime. I was actually only expecting a lot from the music, but if the ending is done right this may be a candidate for best show of the year. And the year is only almost half over!

Accel World – I remember reading a blog post about how the fat protagonist is useless/pathetic. I should not have read that because it did color my impression of the show. Oh well, at least that’s one less show to waste my time on. 😀

Kuroko no Basket – I was excited at first but, as usually happens with shounen shows these days, I lost interest after a few eps. I dunno, I just can’t sustain my interest for some reason.

Tasogare Otome × Amnesia – After having successfully watched Ghost Hunt, I decided to try another show with ghosts as themes. Although it does look like a harem in disguise (or it might really be), so far it’s still enjoyable to watch.

Sankarea – This show was not on my to-watch list but a commenter suggested it. I admit the story has some meat to it but unfortunately it’s not the type I want to watch. I don’t hate it; zombies just aren’t my thing.

Lupin the Third Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna – Even though the director always seems to find an excuse to show a topless (or almost naked) Fujiko in every episode I’ve seen so far, I’m still enjoying the adventures of the female thief.

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