State of Transition

So I thought I’d post something again, before this blog turns into a one-post-a-month blog.

First off, the time of posting a lot seems to be over.  That era of staying up well over 12 AM just finishing a post is long gone.  In short, my mindset has changed considerably since the year I started this blog.  However, I’m still enamored with anime, and as long as that feeling stays this blog will endure.

That said, allow me now to state my excuse for not blogging (as usual).  I have been busy the past few months with my job hunt, and now I have taken the offer of another job.  Soon I will again face a new environment, a new workplace, and new challenges.  Hopefully I will still have time to blog about the things I’ve been watching and listening to while going through another period of adjustment.

Because while this blog has been silent, I have been watching anime regularly (though not the same amount as in years past).  I have also been listening to the Maria-sama ga Miteru DJ CDs.  I found them very funny and I wanted to write about them.  Sadly the stress of job hunting isn’t really conducive for creative work in my free time.  I do hope I can work on the posts as soon as possible.  Also, summer anime have started airing, and I hope to do a post on my picks as well.

I have also taken a look at the stats recently.  It seems that a lot of views come from the US of A.

At least my country is in 2nd place…

Although I never intended to write about yuri when I started this blog, it looks like they’re the more popular topics.  I originally intended to write more about mecha, especially Macross, but ended up writing about other stuff.  Marimite isn’t really about yuri either, but I ended up writing and tagging posts about it a lot.

Marimite rules!

Actually I took the screenshots a month ago, and it’s only now that I got to post them.  Anyway the trend hasn’t changed–though currently Marimite is on top.  Oh well, it might stay there more once I get those DJ CD posts up.  😀

And so ends this brief update.  Till next, ja!

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