SAO, Moonriver, and backlogs

Sword Art Online got me thinking about year-end rankings this early.  And it’s only September!!

After seeing SAO episode 11, I thought that Kirito and Asuna were really cute together.  I haven’t been this engrossed in a pairing since, well, Alto-hime x Sheryl in Macross Frontier.  And that was 4 years ago.  Wow, it’s been that long.

So aside from having both of them as fave characters in the year-end favorites, I thought about having 2 new categories:

Favorite episode
Favorite couple

The 1st category, favorite episode, would probably be hard to fill as I don’t really pay attention to episode numbers.

The 2nd category, favorite couple, is not that hard but would still take some time.  It would make me go over the other series again if there were any couples that I liked.  Although it might be made easier if more pairings stood out more.


The trivia news today is that the voice behind Moon River, Andy Williams, has died.  I never really thought much about that song.  But after Honey & Clover, aside from being identified as an oldies song, it would remind me of a certain stalker’s guy’s ringtone.  Funny how something so American would remind me of something Japanese.  The power of globalization hahaha.


Meanwhile, my backlog is still formidable:

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Lupin III Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
Persona 4 The Animation

Somehow I just find excuses not to watch.  Maybe it’s just me feeling like watching some episodes becoming a chore.  Grrr.  I hope I finish at least one more show this weekend.

2 thoughts on “SAO, Moonriver, and backlogs

  1. Dop

    Heh. One of the many things that irritated me about Viz’s DVD release of Honey and Clover was that they removed all traces of “Moon River”, clearly not wanting to pay for the rights. BUT IT IS A PLOT POINT!!!

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