Anime Progress Report: Backlog Edition

Summarized:  Eureka 7 AO sucks, Fate/Zero (2nd half) is still awesome, Tsuritama bores, Lupin III Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna disappoints a little in the end.

RFC:  Drop Eureka 7 AO?  or Tsuritama?  or both?  And should I watch Hyouka?

Pt 1:  Eureka 7 AO sucks.

When ‘the’ Eureka appeared, my hopes were raised that this show would improve.  Unfortunately, after 17 episodes, the story still looks like a mess, and I don’t care about the characters anymore.  Boring.  Mecha battles would have made up for it, but since I don’t care about the characters that much it’s not that exciting.  And speaking of the mecha, the novelty wore off after a while.  This failure of a show almost makes me want to watch Gundam Unicorn (since I dropped it years(?) ago).

Pt 2:  Fate/Zero is still awesome.

Technically, this is a prequel.  But this show is very much superior to its predecessor, Fate/Stay Night.  As funny as it sounds, I feel like my hatred for FSN has grown more now than in the past.  I mean, Fate/Zero is clearly well done, and FSN just looks like utter crap in retrospect.

Pt 3:  Tsuritama bores.

It seems I cannot endure more than 2 episodes of this show in a day.  It was funny at first, but, as the lead journeys deeper into the world of fishing, I find myself getting more and more bored.  The only thing going for this show right now is its short length.

Pt 4:  Lupin III Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna disappoints a little in the end.

Normally, as a show progresses, we slowly learn more about the main character.  This is what we think is going in this show.  However, the ending just undoes whatever progress there is.  And we are back to square one with the woman named Fujiko Mine: we still don’t know her past.  It’s just too bad because the first half was really interesting.

New show?  I have been wondering if it is better to drop both Eureka 7 AO and Tsuritama then pick up Hyouka.  I have noticed some positive feedback about the latter.  Currently I am tempted to read the light novels.  However, my experience with SAO has given me pause.  It might be better if I watch the anime then read the light novels after.

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