Living for the weekends


Hurry up Friday!  I want my next episode of Chihayafuru!  😀

While agonizing over the week-long wait for the next Chihayafuru fix (usually the subs come out Saturday), I have been alternating between rewatches of episodes from the 1st and 2nd (current) season.  Not to mention rewatches of the latest episodes:

  • Episode 14 – rewatched 6 times
  • Episode 15 – rewatched 5 times.

One Random Curiousity writer had the perfect phrase for the show:  exquisite torture.  I don’t remember being this gaga for the show the first time.  When the 2nd season started I wasn’t that really hot about seeing the next episode.  One reason may be that my obsession then was Zetsuen no Tempest.  Now it’s like I can never be satisfied with watching a Chihayafuru episode only once.  ^_^;

My favorite moments from the 2 latest episodes:

  • Ep 14 – Kana-chan blurting out ‘Pizusawa’ instead of ‘Mizusawa’–it was really cute; Tajiri asking Wakamiya why she’s thin now and what dieting she did; Megumu taking the Chihayafuru card
  • Ep 15 – Makoto thinking about Rion copying his hairstyle; Kana-chan and her question about Monk Saigyo–another cute moment; Queen Wakamiya changing her clothes (were those really bloomers??); and lastly the reading of the order of the players.

Despite how good Chihayafuru 2 is I think I have to watch something else.  Currently I’m also watching both the live-action adaptations of Xxxholic and Itazura na Kiss.  I had been rewatching episodes of Xxxholic until Chihayafuru fever went out of control.  Maybe I should get started on rewatching Itazura na Kiss anime so that I don’t get Chihayafuru rewatch overload.  🙂

Anyway lately I have felt that the weekends fly by so fast nowadays, hence the title.  Lately I have had a lot of activities planned on the weekends and before I know it the 2 days of rest are over.  Maybe it’s the summer heat agitating me to do something.  😉

Now excuse me as I go pick another Chihayafuru episode to rewatch.  Ja!


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