Recaps galore?? No problem–there’s raws galore!


Another Friday has come!  😀

Of course I was quite disappointed that Chihayafuru episode 16 was mostly a recap.  Driven by madness obsession, I just decided to read the raws from the manga!  Hahaha!

So yeah now I know who won the team finals, who won the individual finals, and a whole lot more after that!  Of course I couldn’t get the dialogue 100%, but my basic reading skills were enough to get me through up until the latest volume of Chihayafuru.  And yes, I’ve read the team finals match three times too!

But the anime is still good to watch, mainly because of the color, the movement, and the sounds. Because of this, I will still be eagerly awaiting the newest Chihayafuru episode.  I hope we get lots of action and really great visuals!  Ja!


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