[2013 Year-End] My anime viewing habit is still in one piece

What can I say?  It was a boring year for new anime.  Not much stood out for me, except for Chihayafuru 2 and Zetsuen no Tempest.  So this year, I’m not writing the year-end usual stuff like the “My Top Anime for 2013” post.

But 2013 was the year that I ‘discovered’ One Piece.  Or rediscovered, as I had tried to watch the first few episodes a few years ago and didn’t ‘get it’.  Now I remember the time in Japan when my friend got excited about buying One Piece figures and I was like, meh.  I wish I could turn back time and buy those figures too.  lol.  So I gotta thank One Piece for helping me through the boredom of the 2nd half of 2013.

Actually it feels like I was rewatching stuff all year long.  Most of the 2013 anime totally didn’t appeal to me, and I was desperately searching for something ‘edible’ for viewing.  So what did I do for the December rewatch?  This year’s ‘theme’ was Gundam, as I rewatched War in the Pocket (Gundam 0080) and The 08th MS Team.  I also rewatched the first half of Turn A Gundam a month before but I didn’t manage to finish the whole series since I lost interest.  The other ‘theme’ was Nodame Cantabile, as I rewatched the live-action series and movies.  I watched Redline again in 1080p goodness–that movie always gives me laughs.  I also rewatched Banner of the Stars.  I am now green with envy at those who could read Japanese light novels.  My Japanese language skills have been deteriorating, I should do something about it next year (or a few hours from now).

As for next year, I don’t know if I will be inspired enough to post something.  I will definitely be checking out new anime, but it seems that more and more stuff turn me off.  If it’s not cutesy stuff then it’s gory or else it’s the nth harem anime. I’ve been reading manga more instead of watching new anime, so maybe I’m ‘saturated’ for the anime part and manga is where the ‘growth’ is.  Real-life stuff is also getting more of my attention (compared to previous years), and anime will have to take a backseat a lot of the time.  Unless of course a miracle happens, and we get a Marimite or a Macross or a Banner of the Stars anime.  There’s a another full year of possibilites!  Hahaha.

With that said, I still cannot help it but just make a hastily compiled very short list for the year 2013.  😉

Top Anime
1.  Chihayafuru 2
2.  Zetsuen no Tempest

Most Hated/Annoying Character/s

1. Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)

Favorite Male Characters

1. Taichi Mashima (Chihayafuru 2) – I’m really rooting for Taichi x Chihaya now.  XD

Favorite Female Characters

1. Hakaze Kusaribe (Zetsuen no Tempest)/ Aika Fuwa (Zetsuen no Tempest) – They’re both awesome girls.

Cutest Characters

1.  —

Favorite OP
1.  Daisuki Nano ni by Kylee (Zetsuen no Tempest)

Favorite ED
1.  happy endings by Kana Hanazawa (Zetsuen no Tempest)

I guess that’s it.  Advanced Happy New Year everyone!  Now off to eat (some more) I go.  😀

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