An early spring feel


So I just recently finished reading the translation for volume 9 of Maria-sama ga Miteru, titled Cherry Blossoms.

It’s funny because a year ago I had thought of translating it myself.  I had bought some Marimite volumes from Bookoff during the time I was in Japan.  So I thought, why not do some translations?  But then I was faced with the unbearable number of kanji (without furigana). I turned tail at the challenge–I gave up.  And after reading the translated version I am now sure it would have taken me months (if not years) to translate it myself.  So for now I’ll stick to my raw manga with furigana for my dose of Japanese reading practice.

There’s always something that gets left out in adaptations, so it was not a surprise that some details from the light novel were missed out.  Indeed, reading the light novel would really be a good choice for that reason, even after you’ve watched the anime (or rewatched it countless times like me).  Some things I can remember that stand out:

1.  First off was that Touko did other stuff to Noriko, aside from taking the juzu from her school bag.  Poor Noriko also went through other stuff that was not shown in the anime.
2.  Naughty Mami, who was the one who assisted Shimako, already had a suspicion something was going to happen and had asked Tsutako to take some pictures.  And yes Yumi’s narration that she was taking notes as the inquisition unfolded really made me laugh.
3.  Rosa Foetida and Rosa Chinensis visiting Noriko was a planned diversion with a *script*, but it’s not so readily obvious in the anime.
4.  In the anime it looked like Noriko randomly saw Shimako standing under the cherry tree, but there was a reason why Noriko went there.
5.  Yumi and Yoshino did their part for the ‘inquisition’ but it was too minor to include in the anime.  Though I wished there were also details in the novel on how Yoshino desperately stalled Shimako 😛

Anyway, I really have no complaints about the adaptation.  It stayed true to the source material (with some acceptable deviations), but it is recommended to read the source material as it shows the whole story.


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