My Top Anime for 2012

Because catching up to backlogs must start with the post backlog!  😛

You see, I had started the post 2 years ago but never got the energy to finish it.

Okay!  On to the list.

21.  Eureka 7 AO

– After consistently landing on the bottom of most of the categories, it is no surprise that this show is last on this list.  Watching this show makes me feel like I’m watching somebody throwing punches and hitting only air.  It makes me wonder why they’d waste money on producing this show and then not making sure the story is good?  (Retrospect:   I dropped this series eventually.)

20.  Nisemonogatari

– I was very much entertained by Bakemonogatari.  Unfortunately this sequel is part-good, part-annoying.  I would like to treasure my memories of Bakemono and just pretend I didn’t see this sequel.

19.  Persona 4:  The Animation

– After reading praise for this in random posts I don’t remember where, I decided to give it a try.  It’s not bad, it’s funny at times, but it’s not memorable.  As to why it’s ranked better than Nisemonogatari, well I didn’t find it annoying.

18.  Kamisama Hajimemashita

– There had to be some light fare in this list or it’d be one depressing list. Anyway, it couldn’t be marathoned as one sugary episode is all I can take in a day. ^_^;

17.  Thermae Romae

– It was fun, but not as much fun as Yondemasu Yo Azazel-san.

16.  Jormungand

– In the absence of anything new from Black Lagoon I had to settle for Jormungad for the shootout thrills.  But, Black Lagoon is still way, way better though.

15.  Last Exile

– Ginyoku no Fam – It started out ok but started to lose steam in the end.  The only bright spot here was Dio.

Special Mention:  Mouretsu Pirates/Bodacious Space Pirate

– I would like to mention that I finished this series but failed to put it in the rankings.

14.  Inu x Boku SS

I think I didn’t check this out when it first aired.  Fortunately I ‘discovered’ this and I totally liked it.  Cute.

13.  Fate/Zero

– The first half went by smoothly, but I had trouble finishing the last few episodes.  Much better than Fate/Stay Night.

12.  Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

– I may forget about this anime in time but I enjoyed the mystery while I watched it.

11.  Lupin II Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

– Ending did less than expected but well, it was still enjoyable.

10.  Moyashimon Returns

– Cuuuute!  ‘Nuff said.

9.  Hyouka

– The find of the year.  Like Inu x Boku SS, I never checked this series out when it first aired.  I got convinced to check it out by somebody’s blog post about it, and the rest is history.

8.  Natsume Yuujincho Shi

– It feels like a blur but yes more Natsume and cat-sensei is always good on my list.

7.  Sword Art Online

– I liked it so much I read the novel translations.  Anyway, since a new season has been announced I will be sure to check it out.  I liked the Gun Gale arc so yeah I am actually excited about it.  😀

6.  Aquarion EVOL

– In the middle my interest waned but ultimately I think it was a worthy sequel.  Plus more music from Yoko Kanno is always great!

5.  Ano Natsu de Matteru

– Me liking this series was a surprise in itself.  I usually don’t seek out this type of show, and I almost dropped it after the first episode.  It was like a breath of fresh air for me, and I have it rewatched it at least once.

4.  Natsuyuki Rendezvous

– The first time I was watching the OP it felt like I was watching some jdrama.  Loved the story as it’s not the usual one.

3.  Chihayafuru

– Loved it (to quote an earlier post: Easily the BEST SHOW of the fall anime season!  I didn’t know memorization could be this exciting.   :P). And I have rewatched this series at least once (who knows the real number).  Of course it’s all about the excitement regarding the characters that makes me love this show.  But why is this show 3rd only?  Well only a very miniscule .40 difference sealed the fate of this show.  The top 3 shows actually have the same rating but differed only by less than half a point.  Oh well, such is the consequence of using a matrix-style scoring system.

2.  Sakamichi no Apollon

– One advantage of this show was its music c/o Yoko Kanno.  I guess the ending disappointed me a little, but the setting and music helped a lot to make an impression.  (Retrospect: Chihayafuru over-all is better but back in 2012 I didn’t see it that way.)

1.  Uchuu Kyodai/Space Brothers

– If there was anything like the ‘freshest breath of air’ from the usual stuff you see in anime, Space Brothers was it.

Dropped [2012]

  1. Accel World
  2. Another
  3. Arcana✴Famiglia
  4. Binbougami ga!
  5. Black Rock Shooter
  6. Danshi Koukousei Nichijou
  7. Eureka 7 AO
  8. Hunter x Hunter
  9. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
  10. Joshiraku
  11. Kuroku no Basket
  12. Ozuma
  13. Psycho Pass
  14. Recorder to Randoseru
  15. Rinne no Lagrange
  16. Robotics;Notes
  17. Sankarea
  18. Senhime Zesshou Symphogear
  19. Shinsekai Yori
  20. Tari Tari
  21. Tsuritama
  22. Utakoi

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