Macross Delta Love Chart

OK, while we’re waiting for the newest episode, let me share something found on Reddit.  And for those who don’t go there here is a funny take on the love triangles so far.


Let me note that I did not do this, and credit goes to the guy who did this.  I’m just sharing here!  🙂

As for me I’m on Team Mirage, but Freyja is also not as annoying as Ranka was in Macross Frontier (I was on Team Sheryl).  I think wherever the triangle goes I’m OK with it, but I do prefer Hayate x Mirage.  The outcome depends on what Macross overlord Shoji Kawamori will do (oh how will he troll us this time???).

Anyway, ever since Macross Delta started most of my thoughts have been about mecha lol.  And it has sort of revived my interest to blog.  Currently I am not watching anything new aside from Macross Delta.  But I might restart on other stuff as I get out of this weird funk I’m in right now.  Ja!

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