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[Brief Impressions] Macross Delta: Battlefield Prologue


Happy New Year everyone!  Let’s greet 2016 with a brand new Macross series post!  😀

This series is just good news, as I was just losing interest in the anime showing nowadays.  Let me just put out first the things I didn’t like:

  • The 3d stuff wasn’t that good
  • Freyja Wion just reminds me of Ranka Lee too much
  • those magical-girl like transformation sequences make my eyes roll.
Idol Triangle Mecha Power, Make-Up!

Idol Triangle Mecha Power, Make-Up!

As for an all-girl idol group, I am willing to give it a chance.  I am not a fan of those girl groups, but I am curious how this will be handled in Macross Delta.  My only worry is that there are too many characters.  As for the enemy, there’s still much to learn about them.  I’m holding off comment for now.

I also like how the girls of Walkure are able to protect other people and themselves.  Singing and working together with the Valkerie fighters made it more realistic.  (I thought Basara’s style in Macross 7 was really silly.)

Agents of Pop Music and Triangles, we are the Walkure! In the name of Love Triangles, we will punish you!

Agents of Pop Music and Triangles, we are the Walkure! In the name of Love Triangles, we will punish you!

Surprisingly, the music wasn’t that bad.  Most Macross music has been good (if not outright excellent), and sets a very high bar.  By the end of the episode the music sounded catchy.  Although I hope that 1) they would also have ‘slow’, emo songs too, 2) the singers perform great live (yes I am very spoiled by May’n and Nakajima performances).

As for the episode over-all, I guess I have been spoiled by the Macross Frontier Deculture edition.  The animation was crisper on the Macross Frontier offering.  I can only hope that Macross Delta will improve in the succeeding episodes.

That ends my first impressions for Macross Delta.  And now the long wait for spring 2016 begins!


ANN Macross Delta Female Idols (‘coz I can’t be bothered to go into character details)


Brief impressions: Summer Anime 2015


Summarized:  Where’s my silly gattai sequence??!!!  T_T

Hi there!  As usual I’ve been busy with RL stuff so I haven’t posted, or even watched much anime!  Most offerings this year have been meh.  Unfortunately the trend seems set to continue with the summer crop of anime.

  • Aquarion Logos – The disappointment was foreboding while I watched the OP.  I was always looking forward to the OP because in a certain series May’n + Yoko Kanno + Mecha = Awesome!  Unfortunately I felt the song wasn’t up to the standards of previous OPs from Akino et al.  Then I waited…and waited…and waited for the mecha to show up.  Come on this is Aquarion!  Where’s my silly gattai sequence??!!  After the OP it went downhill as the rest of the episode was boring.  I’m not sure how long my patience with this show will last.
  • Akagami no Shirayuki-hime – I like this one.   I’m very interested.
  • Classroom Crisis – Meh.
  • Gangsta – Me not like depressing stuff.
  • Aoharu x Kinkanjuu – Will continue watching for the laughs.  This could salvage the summer season for me.

You know, after this I was thinking Aquarion EVOL was a great sequel after all…Now I’m feeling the resurgence of that dreaded ‘R’ word (or not word)…Till next, ja!

Looking backward and forward: Spring and Summer Anime 2011


Again better late than never.

I may not be blogging that much, but I am watching anime, a lot of it now, in fact.  As I am still new at work, I don’t have a lot of responsibilities yet so I’m not that busy at the moment.  For the past few months I have divided my time between anime, books, Internet, and other stuff I didn’t get to do like shopping left and right (obviously getting paid means spending power hehehe).  Of course I don’t spend everything because it’s important also that I replenish my savings that got depleted when I resigned without a new job.

Now enough of that RL talk.  Since I wasn’t able to do the Spring impressions, I’m combining it with a post about the Summer anime season.

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Winter 2011: Finally there’s something good to watch


Even though I should be looking for a job, here I am posting this.  Why?  Because it’s the first time since I started this blog (in 2006) that I became this excited about the winter anime season.  So what will I watch, what will I drop?  Read on.

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Fall 2009 Anime Brief Impressions


Here we go again, it’s the new season.  Picked a few shows to check out based on Omni’s list.  Avoided anything with harem, moe-looking pics and stories, and continuations of old series I dropped or purposely didn’t watch.  (Yup, I didn’t finish Darker than Black and currently have no intention of doing so.)  Others just didn’t catch my attention.

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