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[Lists 2015] Ranking the Haikasoru book stash


Finally, after having bought and read the last of the books I most coveted from the Haikasoru lineup last year, I have now made a ranking of the books I’ve read!  Please note that since these books were bought over the years, I have forgotten details from when I read them first.  And foolishly I did not even write down notes that could have helped me make better comments about most of the books.  So my impressions are from memory.  For example, I don’t really remember much about Slum Online so my conclusion is that it must not have made that much of an impact on me.  Also take note I haven’t also done reviews on the science because I just wanted to know what happens.  For a discussion of the science (or the unscientific) you’ll have to read other reviews for that.  These are just my feelings about the books.

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And the advance of the light novels continue


I actually just read about the licensing of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel by Yen Press.  I was mentally exclaiming ‘Good news!’ and ‘Whew!’ at the same time.  Good news in that should I have sufficient extra cash I would be able to buy it.  ‘Whew!’ in the sense that I just had finished marathon-reading all the online translations (including summaries) just a few days ago.  I went crazy and read whatever and whenever I could.  I spent a good part of a day just figuring out how to install the stuff that would automatically generate a PDF (not knowing there were already ready-made files available somewhere else.)  So I got to know what happens after the anime ended.  Reading the light novel also introduced me to details that were not shown in the anime.  That explained a lot of things and was quite helpful.  On an additional note, the manga Mahouka Koukou no Yuutosei also got licensed.  It also has some details especially from Miyuki’s point of view.  However I think the novels are a better buy because the artwork in the manga lacks quality.

On the extreme end, it was too late with me for No Game No Life.  I was late to the anime party and imagine my disappointment when I found out the translations were no more.  Not that I’m against licensing but well, I just wanted to know how the original novel went.

I think that Yen Press needs to be commended on these licenses they’ve acquired.  Looking at the press releases, aside from the 2 shows above they also licensed Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, Accel World.  There are other titles too but these 3 are notable in that I’ve also read some translations and they’re quite decent titles.  Of the 3 quality-wise Log Horizon is on the upper level, but as entertainment both SAO and Accel World are still worth the money.  If money and space were not an issue I’d be looking at buying these 5 titles.

Of course I have my own ‘wants’ that I would really buy and the foremost title in mind is Maria-sama ga Miteru.  The anime already has the English-subbed DVDs but I actually prefer to have the light novels.  Another title on my mind is Seikai no Senki.  It’s also quite old and currently the chances of both titles being licensed are almost nil.  Of course the problem could have been solved long ago if I just continued on with my Japanese studies and became fluent enough to read the novels.  Alas, my skills are only up to reading manga with furigana–I could get the gist but not the details.  So for me reading light novels is still light-years away from being a possibility.  I can only dream until either of these scenarios come true.  🙂

Weekend is near once again


It’s not Friday night yet but here I am itching to write something, or anything.  Hahaha!  Of course the backlog posts are still in the backlog and until I find the motivation/energy to finish those these progress reports will have to do.

So I just finished a rewatch of the 1st season of GITS SAC.  And before that the 2nd season of GITS SAC.  And before that I watched GITS Solid State Society.  It’s backwards but hey, that’s how I started.  (Though it really must have started when I saw that new GITS trailer.)  I was tempted to buy a newer copy of Salinger’s book and re-read it.  Thankfully, I was able to resist spending impulsively.  I shouldn’t have entered the bookstore, period.

On the currently airing shows, only Chihayafuru, Space Brothers, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S, and Yondemasu Yo Azazel-san Z are holding my interest.  I seem to have gotten past my initial obsession with Chihayafuru when I decided to read ahead the manga.  At least now the wait doesn’t have to be so excruciating.  As for Space Bros it’s going fine though I wish they’d just skip the childhood flashbacks of the side characters.  Yondemasu Yo seems to have featured another angel, and well at least it’s still funny.  Railgun has gone darker in its themes and I have added to my misery by reading the wikipedia entries.  I don’t like the direction it’s going but I’m not the author so I can’t complain too much. I haven’t bothered to get the recent episodes of Red Data Girl.  Not that interested anymore.

In other news, there’s a ‘climate map’ that maps trending manga, anime and other Japanese cultural exports per country in Asia.  According to the map, #1 trending in the Philippines is Pokemon.  Though I’m not really that surprised, I’m not sure how accurate that is either.  If I had more time right now I’d probably explore it more but maybe another day.  Still it would be interesting to know how they came up with that.

Links:  Asahi, Asia Trend Map

It’s not that sad!


So I was at this bookstore that was having a sale.  I overhead two girls  discussing manga as they browsed (forgot if they were still in college or working but they were wearing uniforms).   One girl picked up a copy of Honey & Clover and said ‘This manga’s supposed to be sad so I didn’t read it.’  I was very much tempted to say ‘No, it’s not that sad!  Hagu and Takemoto just don’t end up together, that’s all.’

Then I realized it would totally spoil the whole thing for them.  And since I have strong anti-social instincts I just let them be.  Maybe next time, I’d get another chance to say, ‘It’s not that sad!’   😀

Let’s talk about books


I know I should be studying for an upcoming job interview.  I know I said that this blog would hibernate for the winter season.  But I am so anxious I don’t think cramming for an interview would do me any good–there’s just too much material to review.  And I like the anime this winter season (the ones worth watching anyway).  So let me ramble about books.  Let this be a book-related accounting for 2010.

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