Recaps galore?? No problem–there’s raws galore!

Another Friday has come!  😀 Of course I was quite disappointed that Chihayafuru episode 16 was mostly a recap.  Driven by madness obsession, I just decided to read the raws from the manga!  Hahaha! So yeah now I know who won the team finals, who won the individual finals, and a whole lot more after …

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Let’s talk about books

I know I should be studying for an upcoming job interview. I know I said that this blog would hibernate for the winter season. But I am so anxious I don't think cramming for an interview would do me any good--there's just too much material to review. And I like the anime this winter season (the ones worth watching anyway). So let me ramble about books. Let this be a book-related accounting for 2010.