Picks for Fall Anime Season 2011

Brief thoughts on what I want to check out this fall season. Fate/Zero - I watched Fate/Stay Night, which excited me at first, then became annoying.  But it's been a while since I've watched fighting anime, and I have high hopes for this. Hunter x Hunter - I never really got into the previous adaptation …

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Looking backward and forward: Spring and Summer Anime 2011

Again better late than never. I may not be blogging that much, but I am watching anime, a lot of it now, in fact. As I am still new at work, I don't have a lot of responsibilities yet so I'm not that busy at the moment. For the past few months I have divided my time between anime, books, Internet, and other stuff I didn't get to do like shopping left and right (obviously getting paid means spending power hehehe). Of course I don't spend everything because it's important also that I replenish my savings that got depleted when I resigned without a new job. Now enough of that RL talk. Since I wasn't able to do the Spring impressions, I'm combining it with a post about the Summer anime season.