Anime Progress Report – Winter 2012 Edition

Finally a post regarding the rest of what I'm watching (or dropping) for winter 2012 anime.  So that I can look forward to spring already hehehe. Mouretsu Pirates/Bodacious Space Pirates - So far I am enjoying this.  I don't think about the story too much, not expecting too much, and hopefully this will end well …

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A SAD post

Uhm, just a 'This blog is still alive' post, riding on the annual Singles Awareness Day.  I've finished checking out what I wanted to from the winter anime season.  I'm planning a post but it might be later this week (or next week). Right now, what's keeping me occupied is this: Yup, I'm trying out …

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Senki Zesshou SymphoWTF?

In the first few minutes I thought 'Maybe they're spoofing Macross Frontier??'  And then as the episode progressed, I realized, wow, they're serious...And when the bugs came out I just forwarded randomly until the ending. It felt like a copycat right from the start (though I don't know the motivation for making this series).  I've …

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