My Top Anime for 2009

I said I would not do this list. However, I made an about-face (for reasons I cannot say). Unlike last year, my room is not such a mess today. The weather's still fine though. Another thing for this year, I'll be including shows that I haven't finished yet but where I'm halfway through (or are ongoing shows). The shows are Aoi Bungaku, Bakemonogatari, Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Sasameki Koto. I cannot include Kara no Kyoukai because I'm only into ep 2 and the show is still an unknown for me. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood doesn't count also because I stopped watching and am saving everything for a later date. Fairy Tail is probably gonna go on forever, and I'm still undecided on it overall.

A Brief Anime Progress Report on Spring 2009

2009 has the most boring spring line-up ever.  There's no show that makes me want to see an episode ASAP.  It just added to my blogging lethargy.  So I probably won't be posting anything about spring season 2009 after this. Basquash! The visuals are good but the characters don't excite me.  To a casual basketball …

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My 2008 Anime Rankings v2.0

It's a miracle! It's another post! And the matrix makes a comeback! Okay, so following the success of the prioritization matrix for divining what shows to drop, I decided to try it out on the anime rankings as well. Guess what? It works! I mean, I generate 50% less wrinkles while trying to decide which slot Code Geass 2 should be in, or how to control my mecha love to obtain some sort of objectivity for the top ranking. Now let's get to it!

Anime Progress Report 03-13-2008

Hayate no Gotuku * ARIA the Origination * Shion no Ou * Kimikiss Pure Rouge Hayate no Gotoku (up to episode 28) - Hinagiku as Utena was totally hilarious, I want more! Hehehe. At the rate I'm going, I might catch up with the subs next week. Again I wonder why I even let episodes …

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