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[Lists 2010] All-time Faves and Rankings: Mecha


I was waiting till I finished the original Gundam to publish this list.  And when I finished that, then I wanted to wait until I finished Zeta Gundam.  However, my patience with Zeta Gundam has run out, and so here I am now, doing the list.  I have also incorporated some of my unpublished reviews so some entries do not stop with just one paragraph.

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Anime Progress Report 03-25-07


I was going to post something again yesterday when my internet connection decided to play dead. I don’t know what my ISP’s doing but duh, it’s really such a bother. I mean, I’m actually enthusiastic about posting when suddenly everything fails to load.

Anyway, I managed to finish Revolutionary Girl Utena last night. What a cruel thing Utena had to go through. All that betrayal would crush a person. So I was looking forward to the movie, maybe something better happens to Utena there. Imagine my shock when I found out there were no subtitles! Arrgh!! And then I could not look up wikipedia (or any other resource for that matter) because my internet connection was down. So I decided to watch just the last few minutes instead. It was a better ending than what the series had for Utena. So now, my question is, how does it end in the manga? There was supposed to be a manga. Can anybody please tell me!! Oshiete kudasai huhuhu…

  • Venus versus Virus

Now there’s a sub!! I’m happy, but the animation still looks crappy. Oh it rhymed, the words I combined! Sorry, I’m just happy I’m back online. Anyway, maybe I’ll watch a few more episodes and then decide if this show is worth finishing or not. The series still feels too generic to be anything really good. And is it just me, or did Sumire get a haircut? Her hair seemed nicer when it was a longer.

  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Another show creeping on the edge of the land of the Axed. It’s not that really funny anymore. How long is this series supposed to be anyway?

  • FLAG

Where’s the sub??!! Where’s the sub??!! ^_^;

I think that’s it for now. I’m still not over RGU. Ja!!

My Top Anime for 2006: Final Version


Happy New Year everyone!

I found making this list quite difficult…The top five was easy, but listing the rest was quite a recall exercise lol. There were shows I thought didn’t belong in 2006 but did–so I had to do some research. This is my punishment for watching too many shows. I also didn’t bother to look up my ratings on the shows I wrote a review on, as I didn’t give some shows ratings. Another thing is that I decided to include the good shows but still haven’t finished. They are just inserted where they might have been ranked had they ended. As for my unfinished backlog they’ll just get inserted whenever I finish them. Now on to the list.

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New look, updates, and some


So I got tired of the Contempt theme. The letters were quite big and was a dead giveaway the author was a nearsighted blogger (ouch). The new header image is awful though, but that’s the most I could do anyway. It sucks to have mediocre design skills.

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