[Lists 2010] All-time Faves and Rankings: Mecha

I was waiting till I finished the original Gundam to publish this list. And when I finished that, then I wanted to wait until I finished Zeta Gundam. However, my patience with Zeta Gundam has run out, and so here I am now, doing the list.


In Review: Gunbuster 2

The follow-up to the original Gunbuster. 'Nuff said. (circa 2004. Rating: Average) In this future, mankind relies on the TOPLESS (no I'm not kidding) to save the human race from the space monsters. The TOPLESS pilot the Buster Machines to fight the space monsters. The story mainly revolves around our new heroine Nono, and her …

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Anime Progress Report 04-07-2007

I have only two days of vacation left huhuhu... Code Geass I finally saw the (in)famous episode 22. Euphemia in action? Yeah! This development is a defining moment in Code Geass. The flashiness of CG might invite comparison with Gundam Seed/Destiny, but the story is loads better than GSD. But I hope it carries on …

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