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[Lists 2010] All-time Faves and Rankings: Mecha


I was waiting till I finished the original Gundam to publish this list.  And when I finished that, then I wanted to wait until I finished Zeta Gundam.  However, my patience with Zeta Gundam has run out, and so here I am now, doing the list.  I have also incorporated some of my unpublished reviews so some entries do not stop with just one paragraph.

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Anime Progress Report 04-07-2007


I have only two days of vacation left huhuhu…

  • Code Geass

I finally saw the (in)famous episode 22. Euphemia in action? Yeah! This development is a defining moment in Code Geass. The flashiness of CG might invite comparison with Gundam Seed/Destiny, but the story is loads better than GSD. But I hope it carries on until the next season of CG. Sunrise better not botch the ending.

  • Red Garden

Finally. it’s finished. Poor Herve. But with the arrival of new shows, Red Garden might find itself in a shaky position (along with Death Note) in my rankings. A review will come out, if I get time to write it.

  • Bleach

I finally caught up! Or not. Basically I just watched the closing episode for the Bounto arc, since I cannot be bothered anymore to watch all that Bounto bore galore. I hope Bleach gets better and better, though I got a spoiler from a friend that Inoue gets kidnapped (again) later on in the manga. WTF? Can somebody tell the mangaka once is enough? @_@

Old shows

  • FLCL

W-E-I-R-D. Just about sums up this show. There were times when it was quite funny, though a lot of times I was like, huh? But the guitar thingy just cracks me up.

  • Gunbuster

Another gem of a show. I mean, it’s like Voices of a Distant Star with a larger cast, 80’s style, with fanservice! And robots exercising! (LOL) The last 3 episodes of this OVA was a little heavy on the heart though, like Voices, just with a slightly happier ending.

  • Scrapped Princess

Another show I managed to finish this week. I don’t like Pacifica Casull’s personality that much, but Racquell Casull and just makes up for it. That scene in the end where she just pleads with the Mauser God was just a memorable manifestation of her desperation to save Pacifica. The only disappointment with this show was that Steyr died too easily, we were left with two boring villains in the end–Socom(?) and the former Cz.

The Spring Progress report might come out tomorrow, if I don’t change my mind. Ja!