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Re-watch galore


Amidst the pressure at work, I am drawn to blogging rambling again.  What a turn-around!

It seems that this early part of the year has been more about rewatches than new anime.  Of the currently airing anime, only Chihayafuru, Space Brothers, and Zetsuen no Tempest have been able to really capture my interest.  No wonder I’ve been on a rewatching spree lately.

So for the past two days I have been rewatching choice episodes from the 1st season of Chihayafuru.  I’ve already forgotten parts of it–at the Queen match I thought Yuumin (Yamamoto Yumi) had won.  My memory of that match’s outcome was wrong!  So even with the reigning Queen’s handicap (the fact that she became fat it was the biggest surprise of all), she still had enough skill/stamina to defeat Yuumin.  That’s how good she was.

The other anime that I have been rewatching recently is Aria.  I started off with Aria The Animation.  Now I’m currently stuck in the first few episodes of Aria The Natural.  This reflects the fact I don’t like The Natural that much.  But I don’t want to start with Origination just yet–I dread the part where Alicia retires.  Just thinking about it makes my eyes cloudy with tears.  ^_^;

I’ve also been on and off with my rewatch of Glass Mask, I’ve stopped in the middle.  I also rewatched Thermae Romae and Hatarakiman.  On the live-action side I’ve rewatched Nodame Cantabile (yeah all of it), and the first few episodes of Zettai Kareshi and Orange Days.  I also rewatched the first few episodes of Yondemasu Yo! Azazel-san.  And the series was both revolting and funny as I remembered it.

Aside from all the rewatches, I’m trying to restart my Nihongo studies again.  It’s been years since I took a JLPT exam, and my neglect has caused me to forget a lot of what I had learned back then.  Of course the basics are still there, but it will take some time to relearn the kanji I’ve forgotten.  Wish me luck.


In other news, it seems that there will be a new Banner of the Stars novel.  Unfortunately I cannot read the source material even if I wanted to (if I hadn’t stopped my Nihongo studies who knows).  But I hope they make another anime.

Vampire Knight is also ending, though I stopped caring about that manga a long time ago.  But I’m still interested in how it ends.


I guess that ends this week’s ramblings.  Till next, ja!


50 Questions Answered


It’s been a long time since I responded to ‘current events’ in the anime blogosphere.  What’s ‘in’ now is the 50 questions post.  So to bring back some more life to this blog I’m posting my own answers to the 50 questions.  I’ve slightly changed some of the questions though.

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Spring is around the corner


Or a combined spring anime watch list and state of the proxy post.

Surprisingly less than 10 shows piqued my interest.  They are:
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Winter casualties and Spring 2011 picks


A new anime season approaches!  An excuse for another update!

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しょしょ お待ち下さい


I’m working on the mecha list, really!  This is a reminder to myself that I should finish it. The delay has been caused by a mild writer’s block–what to write???!!  Hehehe.  To calm myself, I just finished rewatching Aria the Origination.  Of course it was not an ordinary re-watch–I had finished the show the first time by watching it raw.  So I watched it again with subs.  And still, I could not help but cry again at Alicia’s retirement.  T_T


In retrospect, maybe I should have blogged this show way back when it aired.  But I was not so confident of my Nihongo skills then.  Although now I feel my proficiency slipping away with disuse.  I could be looking at my gushing posts right now if I had done it back then!

I feel an urge to move on to the manga.  However, I gotta get a new job first hehehe.  Till next, ja!


Remember that I wanted to do another post on the Macross F movie.  I was going to compare it to Macross F series.  But, horror of horrors, I hadn’t even reviewed the series!   Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh.  That post will have to wait, if it ever comes out.  Or I could wait for the next movie, next year.  ^_^;

[Lists 2010] All-time Faves and Rankings: Slice of Life


I finally got to follow-up on the first post.  Yey!  I am so ashamed it took me so long.  But it’s funny what noise pollution can do to one’s mind.  So in order to keep myself from losing my sanity, I finally finished my slice of life list.

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Anime Progress Report: Blues and Strawberries Edition


Yep, finally got the urge write a progress report again.  And spoiler warnings for Aoi Bungaku.

Aoi Bungaku 01-04 / No Longer Human

I really don’t like Yozo, how weak he was, and how unfortunate that he couldn’t help even his wife who was being abused.  His friend, Horiki, was also despicable–taking advantage of Yozo, also not helping Yozo’s wife.  I cannot understand, despite being men, how they could be so spineless.  Come to think of it, most men in this story are a-holes.  The only thing that I was wondering was, could Yozo have been saved?  At that time period, it must have been hard to get real treatment for him.

Also, that part where Osamu Dazai’s life was explained really helped a lot.  I was wondering, why write such a depressing story?  Then because of that explanation I was like, ok, so that’s why.

Anyway, since I didn’t like this tragic story (what happened to Yozo’s wife was really, really bad), I banished the thought of reading the original work.  I saw a copy in one bookstore, but the fact that it was expensive prevented me from buying it.

On the other hand, according to Wikipedia, a movie is being made which stars Ikuta Toma!  Because I liked Ikuta Toma in HanaKimi, I’m very interested in watching how he performs in this one.  He’s got good looks, but can he act Yozo’s part convincingly?  We’ll see.

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